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Image magnifier

Add an image magnify to create a jewellry loupe effect. When hovered, only that area of the image displays a detailed zoom. Prefer a square magnifier instead of circle? The choice is yours!

Internal zoom

Keep any web page layout exactly how it was designed. By using an internal image zoom content remains visible as the image zoom appears within the image area only.

Show entire image (perfect for quick previews)

Image zooms show part of an image in detail. But what if you want to show the entire image on hover? You can! Using the preview zoom mode immediately displays the large image. Perfect when your web page is full of small images.

Swap images on hover

Display images together in an image gallery for ease. Visitors either hover each thumbnail on a desktop or touch with their finger on any mobile device and the main image smoothly swaps with the selected thumbnail image.

Responsive imaging

Images automatically scale to suit different devices.

Choose a display size:
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Magic Zoom - Examples

Nokia Booklet

Zoom position can be anywhere

Position your zoom window anywhere on the web page to create something special and unique. And when we say anywhere, we literally mean anywhere!

Click to open/close zoom

Our image zoom on hover also gives the option to activate and deactivate zoom on click. Do you have a preference? Do you prefer zoom effect to automatically appear when the image is hovered? Or do you prefer activation on click?

Notice how it fades in slowly

Top zoom

Different to the Placeholder option, the Zoom Position option positions the zoom window on any side of the main image. Choose from top, bottom, left, and right.

Combined with Magic Scroll

Use any number of images and be confident your image gallery will always be neat & tidy. Set Magic Scroll to display the ideal number of thumbnail images for your gallery layout. Whether you have 10 or 100 thumbnails, Magic Scroll contains them beautifully in one place.

Combined with Magic 360

How can you increase conversions? Studies show adding a 360 degree spin is an easy way. The incredible Magic 360 looks sleek and effortless when combined with Magic Zoom.
(Using HTML? Get the code here.)

Magic Zoom - Examples
Magic Zoom - Examples
Magic Zoom - Examples
Magic Zoom - Examples

Combined with Magic Slideshow

Do you have a client who wants to zoom in on each photo of their slideshow? This is possible when Magic Zoom is combined with Magic Slideshow. Created using JavaScript, this fading slideshow offers a complete set of features including: bullets, tooltips and a choice of 14 slide effects to make every client happy.

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