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No programming required

  • Responsive design adapts to your design on any device.
  • Customizable – change the size, position, colors and effects.

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No coding required.

Use your Magic Zoom plugin almost anywhere on your WooCommerce site.

You can even apply different zoom options to each page or block.

    Supported pages & blocks

    • Product details page
    • Category page
  • WooCommerce 3.x
  • WooCommerce 2.x
  • WooCommerce 1.x
  Rating: 5.0 (5 reviews)

Your products will look fabulous with this gorgeous WooCommerce image zoom.

Smoothly hover over your product images and this WooCommerce zoom plugin will instantly reveal beautiful detail to your customers.

Add zooms to Category pages too, saving your customers valuable time. Displaying a quick preview of the product image can help them browse more of your products, faster.

Each section has its own Settings page, giving you full control of how zooms look and feel in different areas of your store.

With a choice of 3 effects: zoom, magnify & preview and over 40 other options, Magic Zoom delivers the style and control your website deserves.

Key features

New versions support

All versions of WooCommerce are supported (WooCommerce 3.x, WooCommerce 2.x, WooCommerce 1.x). We update our modules as soon as a new version of WooCommerce is released.

Custom Templates

Choose position thumbnails appear (left, right, top, bottom). Your choice. Simply click option on Magic Zoom Settings page.

Image resizing

Upload large version of product images (approx 800px). WooCommerce will resize images automatically throughout your website.


Magic Zoom is responsive out of the box. Essential for multi-device adaptation.

Retina support

Say hello to sharper images! High-resolution images are automatically served to retina screen users.


Optimize your website. Magic Zoom caches resized images. Which means fewer image downloads.

Scrollable thumbnails

Stop the spread & control thumbnails under main product image. Activate trial version of Magic Scroll on Magic Zoom Settings page.

Bandwidth allocation

Control how Magic Zoom initializes & loads images. Choose to activate on page load or on request.

SEO friendly

Magic Zoom supports SEO Friendly URLs. Vital for website high ranking in search engines.

Watermarked images

Protect your images. Choose the position, opacity & size of your watermark.

Web settings

Say goodbye to manual configuration. Customize settings instantly using Magic Zoom Settings page.

jQuery compatibility

Magic Zoom requires no jQuery, 3rd party library or framework. Magic Zoom is completely compatible.

Custom themes support

If Magic Zoom doesn't work immediately on your site, email us and we'll add support for your theme (free of charge).

One-off payment

Pay once and the Magic Zoom license is yours forever.

Live demos


  • Magic Zoom plugin for WooCommerce admin configuration page
  • Add a watermark to your product images thanks to Magic Zoom plugin for WooCommerce
  • Add zoom effects to WooCommerce category pages thanks to Magic Zoom plugin


  1. Download the Magic Zoom plugin for use with WooCommerce WordPress plugin (free and fully functional demo version).
    (If you don't use the WooCommerce plugin, please use our standard WordPress plugin for content.)
  2. Upload Magic Zoom plugin for Jigoshop in WordPress admin area Upload the zip file via your WordPress admin area.
  3. Activate Magic Zoom plugin for WooCommerce in the Plugins menu of WordPress.
  4. The demo version is now installed!
  5. WooCommerce plugin for Magic Zoom settings page Customize the Magic Zoom plugin how you wish via Dashboard > Plugins > Magic Zoom for WooCommerce > Settings.
  6. Activate Magic Zoom plugin for WooCommerce for Product & Category pages Magic Zoom can be enabled on Product & Category pages.
  7. Scroll thumbnail images on your WooCommerce product page Activate Magic Scroll to enjoy organised thumbnails on your product page: Plugins > Magic Zoom for WooCommerce > Settings > 'Product page' tab > Scroll thumbnails > Select 'Tick' > Save changes.
  8. Add video to your WooCommerce product page with Magic Zoom plugin A popular feature is to display product images & video. Do this via: WooCommerce > [Your product] > 'Product videos' tab > Enter your video url(s) > Save change.
  9. Buy Magic Zoom To upgrade your free and fully functional trial version of Magic Zoom (which removes the "Trial version" text), buy Magic Zoom and overwrite following file with the same one from your licensed version:


Multiple images

Swapping between many images is already a standard feature in Magic Zoom. But if you have lots of images, the page can look complicated.

Make your thumbnails look slick and organised with Magic Scroll for WooCommerce. It neatly contains the images adds arrows to slide between them. Example:

  1. Simply activate Magic Scroll on the Magic Zoom options page.
  2. To remove the "Please upgrade" text, buy a license and overwrite the wp-content/plugins/mod_woocommerce_magiczoom/magiczoom-woocommerce/core/magicscroll.js file with that from your licensed version.

Combine zoom & video

WooCommerce users now receive 2 tools in 1: image zoom & video!

Product videos offer potential customers a clear demonstration of any product. Conveying an incredible amount of information very quickly. Videos are proven to increase likelihood to buy, spend longer on your site and spend more per order.

It's time to stand out from the competition and turn potential customers into actual customers.

  1. Make sure Magic Zoom is installed on your WooCommerce store.
  2. Open an existing product or create a new one.
  3. Add video & image zoom effects to WooCommerce product pages with Magic Zoom plugin Scroll down to 'Product videos' tab > Enter video url(s) > Save change.
  4. Video(s) appear on product page as a product thumbnail Refresh web page > Video(s) appear as thumbnails on product page.
  5. That's it!

Variable products

Magic Zoom + Product Videos for WooCommerce
Magic Zoom + Product Videos for WooCommerce Magic Zoom + Product Videos for WooCommerce Magic Zoom + Product Videos for WooCommerce Magic Zoom + Product Videos for WooCommerce
Magic Zoom + Product Videos for WooCommerce
Magic Zoom + Product Videos for WooCommerce Magic Zoom + Product Videos for WooCommerce Magic Zoom + Product Videos for WooCommerce Magic Zoom + Product Videos for WooCommerce
Magic Zoom + Product Videos for WooCommerce
Magic Zoom + Product Videos for WooCommerce Magic Zoom + Product Videos for WooCommerce Magic Zoom + Product Videos for WooCommerce Magic Zoom + Product Videos for WooCommerce
Magic Zoom + Product Videos for WooCommerce
Magic Zoom + Product Videos for WooCommerce Magic Zoom + Product Videos for WooCommerce Magic Zoom + Product Videos for WooCommerce Magic Zoom + Product Videos for WooCommerce

Black Maroon Obsidian Seaweed

Do your products come in different colours or styles?

By default, WooCommerce offers a 'variable' product type which means products can have variations.

Each variation may have one image which is shown when variation is changed on the product web page.

For retailers using the popular plugin WooCommerce Additional Variation Images, each product allows multiple images be assigned. The whole gallery (not only main image) updates when variation is changed.

Magic Zoom supports both default WooCommerce variable and WooCommerce Additional Variation Images plugin out of the box.


Thanks for trying Magic Zoom on your WooCommerce site! What did you hope Magic Zoom could do? How can we improve it? Let us know, we're always improving our tools based on customer feedback.

  1. Go to the Plugins menu of WordPress > 'Magic Zoom for WooCommerce' plugin > Click 'Deactivate'.
  2. Once page has refreshed, go back to 'Magic Zoom for WooCommerce' plugin > Click 'Delete' > Click 'Yes, delete these files'.
  3. Magic Zoom is now uninstalled.

Detailed description

What do customers want more than anything else? Free shipping, choice of delivery date, discounts for being loyal? Yes, yes & yes. But before all that, they want to see what they're buying. That's where we come in. This WooCommerce image zoom delivers each shopper with a fabulous close-up view of your products.

With other WooCommerce zoom plugins available, why should you install Magic Zoom? There are many reasons...

Whether you're using variable products to show different colours/sizes or not, Magic Zoom works on every single product image. Switch effortlessly between the main image and thumbnails too with the knowledge that every product image will be viewed in clear detail.

Magic Zoom is also compatible with other WooCommerce plugins and themes. If you come across one that isn't, we'll fix any issues. Just get in touch and let us know.

This may sound too good to be true. But it gets better. Magic Zoom works on both product and category pages. With their own Settings page, you can have a magnify effect appear on product pages, whilst having a zoom effect on category pages. That's not all. You can also choose different settings for mobiles devices. Check out the Settings pages for yourself. With over 40 effects to choose from (including zoom size, mode & captions), Magic Zoom will fit perfectly within the design of your store.

If you're struggling with multiple thumbnails spreading down your web page & want to keep them neatly organised, activate Magic Scroll (image carousel). We know scrolling thumbnails is a popular feature on product pages, the demo version of Magic Scroll is included on all our WooCommerce zoom plugins. Simply go to: Dashboard > Plugins > Magic Zoom for WooCommerce > Click 'Settings' > 'Scroll thumbnails' option > Select 'tick' > Save settings. And as a Magic Zoom customer you'll receive a £10 discount off your Magic Scroll license. Pay only £19 (normally £29).

You can also select where your thumbnails appear: top, bottom, left or right of your main feature image. Whichever looks best for your product page layout.

It's all about design.

Not only does this WooCommerce zoom look drop-dead gorgeous, it's been refined to perfection for touchscreens. Whether on a mobile or tablet, your on-the-go shoppers will see crisp, clean zooms any time, any place, anywhere. It's responsive. It's retina-ready. It has custom icons and touch/swipe, double-tap behaviour. Go ahead and try it on your iPad, iPhone and Android devices.

Download. Install. Enjoy.

That's how easy it is to use Magic Zoom on your WooCommerce site.


  1. Does Magic Zoom support retina screens?

    Yes! Retina images are served for all your products. Your WooCommerce customers will enjoy the high-def quality.

Customer reviews

  Rating: 5.0 (5 reviews)
Excellent Support
Great plugin. I had a few customisation issues but the support team were quick to respond and very thorough. Highly recommened!

Tom, harmur.co.uk

Solid and powerfull
The plugin works very well and the support is great.

Teo Bousios

Amazing Plugin
The Best thing i like that it supports WooCommerce Additional Variation Image. Great Plugin !!

Vijay Hardaha, vijayhardaha.p.ehu

Fantastic plugin
Great plugin, does exactly what i need it to do and the customer support is second to none, very efficient, would highly recommend...

True Design, umitkutluk.ie

Best zoom plugin around and great service
For my webshop a zoom functionality on the product pages is essential. I have tested many zoom plugins. The zoom plugin of Magic Tool Box is the best around. It has many options and it is reliable. For me the most important thing is that it helps customers with their purchase. And that's exactly what it does.

Cor, happytowels.nl

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This plugin was built for use with WooCommerce plugin, which turns WordPress into an ecommerce platform.

Magic Zoom works on all browsers and iPhone/iPad too. Download the free trial and follow the instructions above to learn how to add image zooming to your products in Woocommerce and show every detail.

Magic Zoom uses JavaScript to create the zoom effect and does not require jQuery or any other bulky third party scripts or libraries.

Please contact us if you need any help adding it to your website.