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Works everywhere - all browsers, all tablets, all phones

  • Elegant look and sophisticated feel.
  • Enlarge images using dissolve and smooth pan image zoom.

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  • LiteCommerce 1.0.x

LiteCommerce has changed to X-Cart Next. You can continue using the LiteCommerce modules or get them on the new platform, X-Cart Next (X-Cart 5).


  1. If a previous version of the module is installed, uninstall it.
  2. Download the LiteCommerce module for Magic Zoom (free and fully functional demo version).
  3. Unzip the module and upload the classes and skin folders to your LiteCommerce directory.
  4. Login to your LiteCommerce admin area and re-build the cache: [Maintenance -> Re-build cache] link in the menu.
  5. Enable the Magic Zoom module on Manage add-ons page and press Save changes button.
  6. Go to Manage Modules > Magic Zoom settings and configure Magic Zoom how you want it.
  7. Buy Magic Zoom To upgrade your free and fully functional trial version of Magic Zoom (which removes the "Trial version" text), buy Magic Zoom and overwrite following file with the same one from your licensed version:



Thanks for trying Magic Zoom on your LiteCommerce site! What did you hope Magic Zoom could do? How can we improve it? Let us know, we're always improving our tools based on customer feedback.

  1. Login to your LiteCommerce admin area.
  2. Disable the Magic Zoom module on Manage add-ons page and press Save changes button.
  3. Re-build the cache: [Maintenance > Re-build cache] link in the menu.
  4. Magic Zoom is now uninstalled.

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Now in version 4.0, Magic Zoom just gets better and better. Since 2006, it has been the zoom tool of choice for many of the worlds leading ecommerce sites. More than 100 customizations are available to make it look just how you want it on your website.

JavaScript is used to create a beautiful zoom effect and styling with CSS. It is easy to customise from your LiteCommerce admin panel.

It works on iPad, iPhone and other iOS devices plus mobile devices running on Android and other operating systems. It works on all browsers - IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, including old versions (as far back as Internet Explorer 6.0 and partly on 5.5 released 11 years ago!).

If you need beautiful images on your website, Magic Zoom is the zoom script that you need. Download this LiteCommerce addon for your store and see the difference it makes. If you need help, please contact us.