Spin your products round in 360 rotation; click to magnify; tilt up and down. All this is possible with Magic 360.

Responsive imaging

Images automatically scale to suit different devices.

Choose a display size:

Combined with Magic Zoom Plus

Fast spin on hover

"Martini spin"

Magic 360 - Examples

Photography using the "Martini Spin" method, invented by Karl Martini,
showing both axis in the same spin.

Super-smooth (72 images)

3D spin with magnifier (4 rows)


Auto-spin (click to stop)

Auto-spin (non-stop)

Auto-spin on hover, round magnifier

Auto-spin with 3D

Magic 360 - Examples

Click to initialize

3D spin on hover (4 rows, 12 columns)

Lazy loading & full-screen zoom

Slow spin on drag

3D spin with square magnifier (4 rows)

More examples

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