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A supreme 360 spin for Shopify.

Top retailers named 360 photography as their most important user-experience improvement.

  • Upload 3D model of your product and you are done.
  • Use photos captured from a turntable or 3D CAD model images.

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Works on these pages:

    • Product details page
    All latest versions
  Rating: 5.0 (19 reviews)

Want to instill customer confidence, save time answering questions & reduce returns? Try Magic 360!

This 360 product viewer app provides customers with the ultimate shopping experience. Thanks to its 360 degree spin, customers view products from every angle. The magnify option shows the smallest of details & the full-screen spin looks gorgeous (especially on handheld devices).

The 360 rotation is created using a set of images. Each image moves ever so slightly which when combined on the product page creates the 360 spin effect.

Magic 360 is a Shopify app like no other. For a one-off payment (no monthly costs), the 360 viewer offers you flexibility for your product pages. Display the 360 spin on its own; or combine the 360 viewer with static images. It's your choice.

Tip: 360 photography studios generally provide 36 high resolution JPEG images of each product. Images are taken at a 10 degree interval for the spin to feel smooth when viewed. (Looking for a professional photographer? Ask us to get a quotation for you.)

Ready to add the WOW factor to your online store? Get the 360 viewer app today (free trial) from the Shopify store!

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Features you'll love...

  • Responsive
  • Fast
  • Built with SEO in mind
  • Image caching
  • Easily customisable
  • Automatically resizes images
  • Scrollable thumbnails
  • All templates supported
  • On-demand loading
  • Constantly updated
  • jQuery compatible
  • One-off payment

Live demos


Install Magic 360 app directly from Shopify App Store!

Magic 360 for Shopify

  1. Go to Magic 360 on the Shopify store to install this Shopify 360 spin app (free and fully functional demo version).
  2. Click 'Get app'.
  3. Enter your shop name > Click 'log in'.
  4. Click 'Install' to install Magic 360 on your store.
  5. The demo version is now installed!
  6. Go to your Magic 360 app settings page: Dashboard > Apps > Magic 360 > About > Open app. Specify how many photos make up your spin (the default is 36). Every product which has that number of images will automatically have the Magic 360 effect applied to it.
  7. Upload spin images using Shopify uploaderUpload your set of 360° photos to your product page (as you normally would) using the standard Shopify image uploader;


    Upload set of 360 degree images using Magic 360 app image uploader Use the Magic 360 app image uploader.

  8. Enjoy your spin!
  9. All settings for Magic 360 on your Shopify storeCustomize Magic 360 however you wish (speed, autospin, text etc.).

    Go to: Dashboard > Apps > Magic 360 > About > Open app.
  10. Display spin & static images on your Shopify product pageTo display static images and a 360 spin on the same product page, upload static images first to your product. Then upload your set of 360 images.
  11. To upgrade your version of Magic 360 (which removes the "Trial version" text), buy Magic 360 from our website or the Shopify site.

Your theme

Magic 360 already supports more than 50 popular Shopify themes. If it doesn't work immediately on your store, we'll resolve it:

  1. Add as a staff member in your Shopify account.
  2. Email us to say you'd like us to add support for your theme.
  3. We'll add your theme within 48 hours (free of charge) and email you the good news.


Magic 360 is free to try. To upgrade your free and fully functional trial version of Magic 360 (which removes the "Magic 360 trial version" text), buy a license from Shopify:

  1. Upgrade Magic 360 on your Shopify store Go to your Shopify Magic 360 settings page (Dashboard > Apps > Magic 360 > About > Open app) and click the License tab.
  2. Buy Magic 360 via your Shopify dashboardClick the Buy Magic 360 button and follow the payment process.
  3. Refresh your product page. The 'Trial version' text will disappear (if it doesn't, message us and we'll fix it.)

Please contact us with any questions you have about installing our tools on your Shopify website.

Video tutorial

Learn how to spin products 360 degrees on your Shopify store!

App image uploader

You can upload your set of 360 spin images to your product (as you normally would), or you can use the Magic 360 app image uploader.

  1. Click add images to open Magic 360 app image uploader Go to Magic 360 app settings page: Dashboard > Apps > Magic 360 > About > Open app > '360 spins' tab > Click 'Add images' button.
  2. Upload 360 spin images Click 'Upload images' > Browse computer for set of 360 degree spin images > Highlight all spin images > Click 'Open'.
  3. Close window when 360 spin images have finished uploading When spin images have uploaded, click 'X' to close window.
  4. 360 spin icon appears as thumbnail image 360 spin icon appears next to other product thumbnails (you may need to refresh the page).
  5. 360 spin images show in Shopify product too Note: Set of spin images also show within the Shopify product.

Add static & zoomable images

Do you have additional images of your product?
Want to show static images and a 360 degree spin on the same product page?
You can!

  1. Upload static images first to your Shopify productUpload static images to your product first.
  2. Upload 360 spin images after static imagesThen upload your set of 360 images.
  3. spin & static images show as thumbnailsThe 360 spin and additional static images will display as thumbnails under the main product image.

To spin some images & zoom others on the same product page can be easily achieved thanks to our 360 spin service Sirv & our Shopify app Magic Zoom Plus. Get ready to blow your customers minds.

  1. Install the Magic Zoom Plus app.
  2. Click 360 spins tab Go to Magic 360 app settings page:

    Dashboard > Apps > Magic Zoom Plus > Click 'About' > Click 'Open app' > Click '360 spins' tab.
  3. Create Sirv account Create a Sirv account. ('Account Name' field will automatically copy the Shopify store name. Account name can be changed to any name you want).

    (Free trial lasts 30 days. After this time you can use Free Plan or upgrade to a Paid Plan)
  4. Click 'Add images' button Click 'Add images' button.
  5. Upload spin images Click 'Upload images' > Browser computer for set of 360 degree spin images > Highlight all spin images > Click 'Open'.
  6. X closes image window Click 'X' when spin images have uploaded.
  7. Number of spin images shows Number of spin images shows on button.
  8. 360 spin icon appears as thumbnail The 360 spin icon will now appear next to the other product images (you may need to refresh the page). If you need help, contact our support team.
  9. That's it!
  10. Tips:

  11. Change spin thumbnail position and design Click the 'Settings' icon to change the thumbnail position of spin; or the spin icon design.
  12. A 360 spin can be uploaded to each Product Variant in Shopify Upload a spin for each Variant of your product.

3D spin

Enjoy 3D spins on your Shopify product pages for up/down & left/right movement. Check out how to name your images to create this awesome effect.

  1. Go to your product & upload set of 360 spin images.
  2. Click the HTML icon in Shopify description area Click the HTML icon in the product description area.
  3. Activate Magic 360 module for PrestaShop in admin area

    Enter the following <script> code in the description area.

    var Magic360Options = {
        'columns' : 12,
        'rows' : 4

    'columns' = the number of images which create the left/right movement
    'row' = the number of positions your spin moves up/down

  4. Save changes.


Thanks for trying Magic 360 on your Shopify site! What did you hope Magic 360 could do? How can we improve it? Let us know, we're always improving our tools based on customer feedback.

The Magic 360 app creates backups of theme.liquid and product.liquid files during installation. 'Restoring files' replaces actual versions of templates with previously made backups. If you're worried you don't have backups of your original theme.liquid and product.liquid files, please create a staff account for and we will help you. You can create a staff account via: Admin > Settings > Account > Add a staff member.

  1. Restore files before removing Shopify zoom app Go to: Dashboard > Apps > Magic 360 > About > Open app > (you are now on the Settings page) > Click 'Remove app' tab > Click 'Restore files' button.
  2. Delete Shopify app after files have been restored Delete app on Apps page in your Shopify dashboard.
  3. Magic 360 is now uninstalled.


  1. Can I disable Magic 360 on specific Shopify products?

    Yes! Enter no360 in the 'Tags' field of the Shopify product you do not want your images to show as a 360 spin.

    By adding a tag of no360 to a product, Magic 360 functionality will not apply to that product.

  2. I have multiple spins with different number of images

    No problem! If you have a spin which was created using a different number of images than the default number which appears in the 'Number of images on X-Axis' option on the Magic 360 app settings page, simply add a tag of spinimages=N to the product (where N is the number of spin images).

Customer reviews

  Rating: 5.0 (19 reviews)
Amazing product and support
We have been using magic360 for 2 years now and recommend this to anyone that listens. Igor has amazing service, is quick and informative. The addon has a huge amount of customisations to make it your own - easy!


Great support
A few minutes after contacting Magic 360 support, Igor responded and checked our issue. He quickly fixed the image issue we had with the app and it is working fine now. Great app with excellent, fast support. I definitely recommend Magic 360.


Excellent support
Igor has provided a fantastic service and fast - only within ½ hour:-)
Had a wish about showing 360 spin as picture 2, and Igor solved this with a snap.
I will recomend Magic 360!


Igor always attentive to our needs. It helps us and responds very quickly.
Very good support team!


Outstanding product, service and support
Igor and Paula have been absolutely great in providing support for our website. We use the Magic 360 spin for many of our products and needed a static image magnify zoom. The staff at did all the work and set up our entire store with the features. Fast, reliable and professional is our impression of their company. We would recommend them to anyone looking to have great product images with service that is outstanding.

Adam Weisberger,

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