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Experience the ultimate Shopify zoom.

  • Effortlessly customise the position, transition effects and trigger behavior
  • Customizable – change the size, position, colors and effects.

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Works on these pages:

    • Product details page
    All latest versions
  Rating: 5.0 (47 reviews)

Rated 5 stars by Shopify customers, this image zoom app is everything you need. Choose from internal zoom, external zoom, preview, magnify and full-screen effects to showcase product images beautifully.

Here's what users are saying about Magic Zoom Plus: "Fantastic app", "Must have app for every shopify store!", "Excellent support! Excellent app!", "Amazing app", "The answer to all your zoom and magnify problems".

No monthly payments (unlike other Shopify apps), Magic Zoom Plus is a flat rate cost. This image zoom app is definitely the best way to go!

Get your free trial from the Shopify App Store today - your customers will thank you.

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Features you'll love...

Zoom & 360 spin

Let customers see your products from any angle with 360-degree product spins. Thanks to the integration with Sirv, an image hosting platform, it's easy to show 360 spin images along with a zoom feature.

All themes supported

Magic Zoom Plus is guaranteed to work on your Shopify theme. If it doesn't work immediately, send our support team a login to your store and we'll add support for your theme within 24 hours.
All themes supported

Refined for mobiles

Magnificent product images and videos look perfect on all possible devices. Touchscreens can use tap and swipe gestures to control the images.

Extremely easy

Simply install the Magic Zoom Plus app from the official app store and enjoy zooming straight away.
Extremely easy

Unlimited images/videos

Boost your conversions even higher by displaying product videos from YouTube or Vimeo. Neatly swap between as many images or videos as you wish. Choose either static or scrollable thumbnails and be confident that Google can index all your images for good SEO.

Live demos


Install Magic Zoom Plus directly from Shopify App Store!

Magic Zoom Plus for Shopify

  1. Go to Magic Zoom Plus on the Shopify store to install this Shopify zoom app (free and fully functional demo version).
  2. Click 'Get app'.
  3. Enter your shop name > Click 'log in'.
  4. Click 'Install' to install Magic Zoom Plus on your store.
  5. The demo version is now installed!
  6. All settings for Magic Zoom Plus on your Shopify storeCustomize Magic Zoom Plus however you wish, with over 70 customizations available (zoom size, background, hint etc.).

    Go to: Dashboard > Apps > Magic Zoom Plus > About > Open app > 'Image zoom' button.
  7. Scroll thumbnail images on your Shopify product page Activate Magic Scroll (image carousel) to enjoy organised thumbnails on your product page.

    Go to: Dashboard > Apps > Magic Zoom Plus > About > Open app > 'Scrolling thumbnails' button > 'Thumbnail carousel' section > 'Scroll thumbnails' option > Enable.
  8. To upgrade your version of Magic Zoom Plus (which removes the "Trial version" message), buy Magic Zoom Plus from either Magic Toolbox or Shopify.

Your theme

Magic Zoom Plus already supports more than 50 popular Shopify themes. If it doesn't work immediately on your store, we'll resolve it:

  1. Add as a staff member in your Shopify account.
  2. Email us to say you'd like us to add support for your theme.
  3. We'll add your theme within 48 hours (free of charge) and email you the good news.


Magic Zoom Plus is free to try for 30 days. To upgrade your free and fully functional trial version of Magic Zoom Plus (which removes the "Magic Zoom Plus trial version" text), buy a license from Shopify:

  1. Upgrade Magic Zoom Plus on your Shopify store Go to your Shopify Magic Zoom Plus settings page (Dashboard > Apps > Magic Zoom Plus > About > Open app) and click the License tab.
  2. Buy Magic Zoom Plus via your Shopify dashboardClick the Buy Magic Zoom Plus button and follow the payment process.
  3. Refresh your product page. The 'Trial version' text will disappear (if it doesn't, message us and we'll fix it.)

Please contact us with any questions you have about installing our tools on your Shopify website.

Video tutorial

Watch how to make your products look incredible on your Shopify store!

Multiple images

Swapping between the main product image and thumbnail images is a standard feature in Magic Zoom Plus. But what happens when you have lots of images for the same product? An easy way to keep thumbnail images contained is to use Magic Scroll.

Magic Scroll is an image carousel which allows customers to scroll through each product image using arrows. It's the perfect way to keep any product page layout looking slick.

  1. Scroll thumbnails on your Shopify storeGo to the 'Thumbnails' tab on the Magic Zoom Plus app settings page:

    Dashboard > Apps > Magic Zoom Plus > About > Open app > 'Scrolling thumbnails' button.
  2. Scroll thumbnails on your Shopify storeGo to 'Thumbnail carousel' section > Enable 'Scroll thumbnails' option.
  3. Buy Magic Scroll for your Shopify storeTo remove the Magic Scroll trial version message, buy discounted license.
  4. Enter Magic Scroll license key on your Shopify storeEnter your Magic Scroll license key in the field provided.
  5. Clear browser cache. The 'Magic Scroll trial version' message will disappear.
  6. All settings for Magic Scroll on your Shopify storeCustomize thumbnail carousel using Magic Scroll settings (position, scroll speed, number of items, previous/next arrows).

    Go to: Dashboard > Apps > Magic Zoom Plus > About > Open app > 'Scrolling thumbnails' button.

Combine zoom & video

Keep customers engaged for longer on your ecommerce store by adding videos to any product page. Product videos appear as part of the image gallery allowing customers to switch between product images and product videos.

As well as building customers confidence, displaying videos is a great way to attract more traffic and help improve your conversion rate.

You'll need either YouTube or Vimeo videos to create the effect (or both!).

  1. Go to existing product or create a new one.
  2. Upload image you want to appear as video thumbnail.
  3. Select ALT option on your Shopify product image Hover image > Click 'ALT' option.
  4. Enter YouTube or Vimeo url in the Image alt text field Enter YouTube or Vimeo url in 'Image alt text' field > Click 'Done'.
  5. Video(s) appear on Shopify product page as a product thumbnail View product page or refresh web page. Product video image appears as thumbnail; video displays as part of image gallery.
  6. That's it! Add as many videos as you want to your product pages.

Add 360 spins

Now you can also show a 360-degree spin of your products on the same page as static images. Thanks to our 360 spin hosted service Sirv, it's easy to add gorgeous product spins to rocket your Shopify sales.

  1. Install the Magic Zoom Plus app.
  2. Click 360 spins tab Go to Magic Zoom Plus app settings page:

    Dashboard > Apps > Magic Zoom Plus > Click 'About' > Click 'Open app' > Click '360 spins' button.
  3. Create Sirv account Create a Sirv account. ('Account Name' field will automatically copy the Shopify store name. Account name can be changed to any name you want).

    (Free trial lasts 30 days. After this time you can use Free Plan or upgrade to a Paid Plan)
  4. Click 'Add images' button Click 'Add images' button.
  5. Upload spin images Click 'Upload images' > Browser computer for set of 360 degree spin images > Highlight all spin images > Click 'Open'.
  6. X closes image window Click 'X' when spin images have uploaded.
  7. 360 spin icon appears as thumbnail The 360 spin icon will now appear next to the other product images (you may need to refresh the page). If you need help, contact our support team.
  8. That's it!
  9. Tips:

  10. Change spin thumbnail position and design Click the 'Settings' icon to change the thumbnail position of spin; or the spin icon design.
  11. A 360 spin can be uploaded to each Product Variant in Shopify Upload a spin for each Variant of your product.

Product variants

Magic Zoom Plus + Product Videos for Shopify
Magic Zoom Plus + Product Videos for Shopify Magic Zoom Plus + Product Videos for Shopify Magic Zoom Plus + Product Videos for Shopify Magic Zoom Plus + Product Videos for Shopify

Black Maroon Obsidian Seaweed

Do your products come in different colours or styles?

Magic Zoom Plus app supports Shopify product variants out of the box.

Configure products so each variant has its own zoomable image.

Using variants keeps your page clutter free, at the same time displaying all your wares.


Thanks for trying Magic Zoom Plus on your Shopify site! What did you hope Magic Zoom Plus could do? How can we improve it? Let us know, we're always improving our tools based on customer feedback.

The Magic Zoom Plus app creates backups of theme.liquid and product.liquid files during installation. 'Restoring files' replaces actual versions of templates with previously made backups. If you're worried you don't have backups of your original theme.liquid and product.liquid files, please create a staff account for and we will help you. You can create a staff account via: Admin > Settings > Account > Add a staff member.

  1. Restore files before removing Shopify zoom app Go to: Dashboard > Apps > Magic Zoom Plus > About > Open app > (you are now on the Settings page) > Click 'Remove app' tab > Click 'Restore files' button.
  2. Delete Shopify app after files have been restored Delete app on Apps page in your Shopify dashboard.
  3. Magic Zoom Plus is now uninstalled.


  1. I saw the price of $79 for Shopify users. Is it monthly?

    No, it's one-off payment.
  2. Can I zoom images on any page?

    Magic Zoom Plus works on product pages. This Shopify zoom can also be applied to images elsewhere on your Shopify site, such as your collection pages or search results pages.

    Some changes are required to your Shopify template. We can do this for you. Either purchase 1 hour of customization time or email us to discuss your requirements.

  3. Does it support variant images?

    Magic Zoom Plus works with variant images. It's perfect for showing products in different colors or styles.

    Some themes don't support normal variant images - if yours are not working, email us and we'll fix it.

  4. My theme is not yet supported

    If this Shopify zoom app doesn't work with your theme immediately, we will update it free of charge to support your theme:

    1. Email us the name of your theme.
    2. Go to your Shopify admin page and add as a member of your Staff.
    3. Our support team will add support for your theme, typically within 1 business day (Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm UTC).
  5. Images look broken after removing app

    If you removed the app without restoring the files, it's easy to resolve:
    1. Re-install the Magic Zoom Plus app.
    2. Go to: Dashboard > Apps > Magic Zoom Plus > View details > Edit preferences > (you are now on the Settings page) > Click 'Remove app' tab
    3. Click the red button 'Restore files'.
    4. Delete the app.
    5. Your product pages will now look the same as before you installed Magic Zoom Plus.
    6. You can still use Magic Zoom Plus! We can quickly add support for your theme - often within 24 hours. Just ask...
  6. How do I uninstall the app?

    Before removing the Magic Zoom Plus app, you must restore the modified theme files:

    1. Go to: Dashboard > Apps > Magic Zoom Plus.
    2. Click the button 'Restore files'.
    3. Now you can remove the app.

Customer reviews

  Rating: 5.0 (47 reviews)
Awesome App, Excellent Support!
Absolutely love this app. It is by far the best zoom app I have tried. I had one small tech issue that needed attention, contacted the support team. They responded super fast & fixed it for me in no time at all. Highly recommend.

Emily Drake,

Great app!
Great app, does the job perfectly. Super fast email support. Recommend!

M bourke,

Great 360 Plugin, Super fast support
Didn't work on my theme initialy but the support is super quick and within an hour they had it working and subsequently helped sorting another issue I had.

Highly recommended!


Needed help on a Saturday and received prompt service addressing all issues. A great app with super support. Highly recommended.

John Wakim,

Great Service
The trial didn't install properly on my theme, but I contacted their customer support and they had it working the same day. Looked great and was exactly what we needed.

Sam Barnes,

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