Magic Zoom Plus™ v4.5

Magic Zoom Plus™ has 2 ways to zoom images. Hover over the image for a zoomed area or click the image to enlarge it to full-screen.

More examples – try these [a href="/magiczoomplus/examples/"]7 gorgeous examples[/a] of Magic Zoom Plus™.

Wizard – choose your perfect settings with the [a href="/magiczoomplus/wizard/"]customization wizard[/a].

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  • Zoom – mouseover, reverse opacity, smoothing, fading, swtiching.
  • Enlarge - expand effects, captions, custom buttons and cursors.
  • Simple – anyone can follow the simple installation process.
  • Customizable – change the position, size, borders, zoom effects and much more. 41 examples.
  • Mobile - works beautifully on iPad, iPhone, Android.
  • Accessible – clean, valid HTML and powerful JavaScript.
  • Future proof - new versions regularly released.
  • Supported - contact us with any questions.


Only the best quality code: XHTML compliant, CSS compliant, WAI Priority 3 compliant (AAA). Magic Zoom Plus™ works in all modern browsers and many old ones too:

  •  iOS
  •  Android
  •  Chrome
  •  Internet Explorer 6+
  •  Firefox
  •  Safari
  •  Opera


Q Why is a Flash object showing over my zoomed image?

Set the "wmode" parameter of your Flash object to "transparent" like so:

  1. Add <param name="wmode" value="transparent" /> inside the <object></object>.
  2. If the <embed> tag is present, add this attribute to it: wmode="transparent".
  3. Your code will look something like this:
    <param name="wmode" value="transparent" />
    <embed wmode="transparent" />

Version history

Magic Zoom Plus™ version 4.5.33
July 18, 2014

Fix an issue on devices with touch screen when clickable elements that are behind the expanded image can be triggered.

Magic Zoom Plus™ version 4.5.32
July 14, 2014

  • Automatically switch to inner zoom and turn on the click-to-activate option on small touch screens.
  • Better compatibility with Bootstrap CSS.

Magic Zoom Plus™ version 4.5.31
May 29, 2014

Enables pan-zoom on touch-screen devices.

Magic Zoom Plus™ version 4.5.30
May 9, 2014

  • Fix a rare bouncing issue with when switching images.
  • Fix an issue when switching to an uninitialized image in the expanded mode.

Magic Zoom Plus™ version 4.5.27
April 22, 2014

Do not automatically scale zoom window on page resize if its initial size is set precisely in pixels.

Magic Zoom Plus™ version 4.5.26
April 16, 2014

Fix potential "jump" issue when switching images.

Magic Zoom Plus™ version 4.5.25
February 25, 2014

Resolves an issue with click-to-activate option in Google Chrome v33.

Magic Zoom Plus™ version 4.5
April 15, 2013

  • Responsive design - images scale up/down to fit users screen.
  • Zoomed image can now be set as a percentage or pixels.
  • Option to initialize on click of additional images.
  • API methods to show/hide zoom window: zoomIn and zoomOut.
  • Callback to track zoom readiness - onready.
  • Permit dragging on touch-screens by using click-to-activate.

Magic Zoom Plus™ version 4.0
October 11, 2011 – Perfecting the ultimate zoom, today we present:

  • Full support for iOS (iPad/iPhone) and Android.
  • Set height or width of expanded image.
  • Pan & zoom expanded image.
  • Hint overlaid on small image.
  • Zoom position set by external id.
  • Zoom alignment to main image.
  • Title on inner zoom.
  • External source of a title.
  • New pounce effect for switching multiple images.
  • Initialization on hover.
  • Hide zoom window on click.
  • CSS class for an active selector.
  • shadow and glow effects behind zoom.
  • option to swap images only (disable zoom and expand).
  • show/hide right-click menu.
  • option to translate button tooltips.
  • New API methods for expand and restore.
  • Click anywhere to close expanded image.
  • Automatically re-position zoom window to fit page.
  • We hope you enjoy it!

Magic Zoom Plus™ version 3.0
Version skipped to synchronise with Magic Zoom™ version numbers.

Magic Zoom Plus™ version 2.0
December 16, 2009 – Incredible new version with 20 features requested by users. Includes exclusive new hotspot feature; smooth mouse movement; fade zoom in/out; special effects for expanding; custom buttons; slideshow mode; activate on click and much, much more.

Magic Zoom Plus™ version 1.5
August 10, 2009 – Improved caption sliding in IE8, corrected caption size in IE backwards compatibility mode, removed IE7 status bar message that tries to load "null" object from the server.

Magic Zoom Plus™ version 1.1
May 14, 2009 – By popular request we've added the option to automatically fit the enlarged image to the screen (to prevent scrolling). Other improvements: zoom hidden when image enlarges; position of enlarged image improved; double click is now equivalent to single click.

Magic Zoom Plus™ version 1.0
January 27, 2009 – First launched to combine our two popular effects – Magic Zoom™ and Magic Thumb™. One JavaScript file and one CSS file. Image zoom on hover and image lightbox on click.


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