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  • Responsive - images scale up/down to fit users screen.
  • Zoom – fade-in, deceleration, image switching and resizing.

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  Rating: 5.0 (7 reviews)

Relied upon by Bigcommerce store owners, Magic Zoom Plus has been the professional choice since 2009 for effortless on-hover image zooming and on-click full-screen effects.

This Bigcommerce image tool makes it easy to apply these effects to your pages.

With free new versions regularly released, your products will always look gorgeous with Magic Zoom Plus.

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Live demos


Install Magic Zoom Plus directly from Bigcommerce Marketplace!

Magic Zoom Plus for Bigcommerce

  1. Log in to Bigcommerce admin panel.
  2. Go to: Dashboard > Apps > Marketplace.
  3. Search 'Magic Zoom Plus' > Click the app.
  4. Click 'Install'.
  5. Click 'Confirm' to install Magic Zoom Plus on your website.
  6. Enter WebDAV settings to complete installation.
  7. a) Go to: Settings > File Access (WebDAV) > Copy the WebDAV Path.
    b) Go to: Apps > Magic Zoom Plus > 'App settings' tab > Paste it in the WebDAV Path field.
  8. a) Return to the File Access (WebDAV) page > Copy the Username/Email.
    b) Return to Apps > Magic Zoom Plus > 'App settings' tab > Paste it in the WebDAV Username/Email field.
  9. a) Go back to the File Access (WebDAV) page > Copy the WebDAV Password using the 'Copy to Clipboard'.
    b) Go back to Apps > Magic Zoom Plus > 'App settings' tab > Paste it in the WebDAV Password field.
  10. Click 'Install app'.
  11. The demo version is now installed! (If your Theme isn't automatically supported, email us for help)
  12. All settings for Magic Zoom Plus on your Bigcommerce storeCustomize Magic Zoom Plus however you wish, with over 70 customizations available (zoom size, background, hint etc.).

    Go to: Dashboard > Apps > Magic Zoom Plus > 'App settings' tab.

Your theme

Bigcommerce uses Stencil as its default theme framework. If Magic Zoom Plus doesn't work immediately on your store, we'll resolve it:

  1. Add as a user in your Bigcommerce account.
  2. Email us to say you'd like us to add support for your theme.
  3. We'll complete Magic Zoom Plus installation within 48 hours (free of charge) and email you the good news.


Magic Zoom Plus is free to try for 30 days. To remove the 'Trial version' message, simply:

  1. Buy your license here (pay by card or PayPal).
  2. Copy your License Key, displayed after payment is complete.
  3. Upgrade Magic Zoom Plus on your Bigcommerce store Go to your Bigcommerce Magic Zoom Plus settings page (Dashboard > Apps > Magic Zoom Plus) and click the Upgrade tab.
  4. Enter License Key to activate licensed version of Magic Zoom Plus on your Bigcommerce store Paste your License Key in the field provided and click Submit.
  5. Refresh your product page. The 'Trial version' text will disappear (if it doesn't, message us and we'll fix it.)

Video tutorial

Add 360 spins

Combine 360-degree spins & zoom/enlarge effects on the same product page. Thanks to our 360 spin service Sirv, it's easy to add stunning product spins to escalate your Bigcommerce sales.

  1. Install the Magic Zoom Plus app.
  2. Create your Sirv account.
  3. Create a new folder in your Sirv account called products.
  4. Open the products folder and create another new folder. Name it to match the product number in Bigcommerce, or some other unique Bigcommerce field such as product title.
  5. Upload your set of product images to the new folder and a 360 spin will be generated.
  6. Add Sirv ID to Bigcommerce Enter your Sirv subdomain (shown on your account page) on your Magic Zoom Plus app settings page. Click Save Settings.
  7. The 360 spin will now appear next to the other product images (you may need to refresh the page). If you need help, contact our support team.

Product options

Magic Zoom Plus for Bigcommerce
Magic Zoom Plus for Bigcommerce Magic Zoom Plus for Bigcommerce Magic Zoom Plus for Bigcommerce Magic Zoom Plus for Bigcommerce

Black Maroon Obsidian Seaweed

Do your products come in different colours or styles?

Product options are perfect for showing customers a variety of images.

If you're using the new Stencil theme and want to assign different images to option values, get in touch and we'll help you.

For customers using old themes, Magic Zoom Plus supports Bigcommerce product options out of the box.


Thanks for trying Magic Zoom Plus on your Bigcommerce site! What did you hope Magic Zoom Plus could do? How can we improve it? Let us know, we're always improving our tools based on customer feedback.

  1. Log in to your Bigcommerce admin panel.
  2. Click Magic Zoom Plus logo on left hand side.
  3. Click 'Uninstall' tab > Click 'Uninstall app' button.
  4. Click 'Apps' > 'My apps' > Magic Zoom Plus > Click 'Uninstall'.
  5. Magic Zoom Plus is now uninstalled.


  1. Can I remove bounce effect from mobile devices?

    Yes! To disable the bounce effect from small screen devices, add the following CSS to your magiczoomplus.css file:

    .mobile-magic .mz-figure > img {
    opacity: 1 !important;
    .mobile-magic .mz-figure > img + img {
    transform: scale(1) !important;

    .mobile-magic .mz-figure {
    -webkit-perspective: none !important;
    perspective: none !important;
    .mobile-magic .mz-figure > img {
    opacity: 1 !important;
    .mobile-magic .mz-figure:not(.mz-ready) > img:last-child {
    -webkit-transform: scale(1) !important;
    transform: scale(1) !important;

Customer reviews

  Rating: 5.0 (7 reviews)
Great addition to our website
Great product. With seamless introduction to our site I wish we had installed it sooner

Robbie Reoch,

Fantastic App. At A Fair Price
Great product that satisfied our needs in every aspect and made our images look much better and clearer. Highly recommended.

Sam T,

Nice big images!
I wanted our viewers to be able to see extra large images of our products. Magic Zoom was the answer! It was easy to install and instantly enhanced the overall appearance and functionality of our website. Great app!

Terri Barbera,

Loved the plugin - absolutely superb, extremely user friendly and very professional


Works beautifully!
Super easy to install, works instantly, amazing tool!


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