Two great effects: hover to zoom, click to enlarge.

Responsive imaging

Images automatically scale to suit different devices.

Choose a display size:
Move your mouse over image
or click to enlarge
Magic Zoom Plus™ examples

Top zoom, green colors

Notice how it fades in slowly

Multiple images

You can display absolutely any HTML in this caption.

Adjust the width/height and the location (top/bottom/left/right) as you wish.

To adjust the background, fonts and borders, open the magiczoomplus.css file.

All these options are described in the integration guide.

You can even add forms, images and links in here. For example, this lovely buy now button!

Buy now£45

Effects slowed down

Did we mention that Magic Zoom Plus™ works on iPad/iPhone? It uses JavaScript, HTML and CSS. Coded with love.


Positions & effects

Enlargement effect: Linear Enlargement effect: Cubic Enlargement effect: Back Enlargement effect: Elastic Enlargement effect: Bounce. Zoom is disabled.

Combined with Magic Scroll™

Combined with Magic 360™

More examples

There are so many more possibilities. Get inspiration here:

You have an enormous 81 parameters available to make Magic Zoom Plus™ exactly how you want it.