Magic Magnify Plus™

Hover to magnify, click to enlarge. We've combined two of our most popular tools using Flash and JavaScript. Try it:

Nike running shoe


  • 2-in-1 – users can either magnify or enlarge.
  • Easy – 5 minute installation and free help if you need.
  • Customisable – change the shape, colors, magnifier to suit your website.


Magic Magnify Plus™ uses JavaScript and Flash. It works with all major browsers. If JavaScript or Flash are disabled, the small image opens as a link.

  •  Chrome
  •  Internet Explorer 6-9
  •  Firefox
  •  Safari
  •  Opera


Q Is there a limit to the large image size?

A Flash has an image size limit of 2880px (width or height). If your large image is larger than 2880px (very unlikely!) the Flash zoom magnifies the wrong part of the image. To prevent this, resize your images to 2880px or less.

Q What is the optimal size for the images?

A As a general rule, Magic Magnify Plus™ works well if the large image is between 2 and 3 times larger than the small image. A small image of between 300px and 600px width tends to work well. Start by creating a large image 2.5 times larger than your small image. Then try making it bigger/smaller and test it to see how it feels.

Q What file size should my images be?

A Compress your images as much as possible while maintaining good quality. The smaller the file size of your images, the faster they will download. For JPEGs, 30% to 70% quality normally works best. For small images with few colors, try PNG instead of JPEG.

Version history

Magic Magnify Plus™ version 2.0
November 12, 2010 – Major release.

  • Faster loading;
  • Single SWF for each image;
  • Lower CPU usage;
  • Shadow/glow effects;
  • Pulse/fade-in effects;
  • Custom magnifier shapes;
  • Full image zoom;
  • 2 new lense images;
  • Change multiple images on click/mouseover;
  • Dissolve/cross-fade thumbnails;
  • Mouse wheel changes magnifier size;
  • Blur/transparent effects for main image;
  • Hide mouse option;
  • Option to simulate large images from small ones;
  • Callback function for mouse click;
  • Four new enlargement effects;
  • Automatically fit to screen;
  • Multiple images with thumbnails;
  • Always visible close button;
  • Text positioning to right or left;
  • 6 new button styles and sizes;
  • Button position in any corner;
  • Two new slideshow effects;
  • Link lightbox image to a URL;
  • Click to initialize;
  • Two new options to position the large image;
  • Option to customize each image differently;
  • API options.

They don't come any bigger than this!

Magic Magnify Plus™ version 1.0
June 25, 2009 – On hover it magnfies the image. On click, it expands the image to full screen.


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