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Magic Zoom Plus - Examples Magic Zoom Plus - Examples Magic Zoom Plus - Examples Magic Zoom Plus - Examples Magic Zoom Plus - Examples
Magic Zoom Plus - Examples

Image gallery

Effortlessly swap between multiple images. Hover over the thumbnails to switch the main image. Mouseover zoom on the main image to enjoy a detailed close-up.

Gallery arrows

Replicate the look of your favourite eCommerce store by adding previous & next arrows to either side of the main image in your gallery. A convenient way for customers to browse your images.

Image magnify with visible hint

Smooth image magnify effect on hover. This elegant round magnifying glass shows stunning detail in your product images. Click the image for a stunning full-screen view.

Expanded view thumbnail position

Switching between images in the enlarged view is possible with thumbnails. By default, the thumbnail images display horizontally under the enlarged image but can easily be positioned vertically on the left hand side.

Tip: When images are displayed in portrait mode on any Smartphone, thumbnails will be positioned at the bottom for a perfect view.

Wide zoom with caption and fullscreen

Show even more detail with an extra-wide zoom in this demo. Click the image for a stunning true-fullscreen enlarge. This example also includes a text caption above the zoomed image.

Internal zoom on click

Zoom into this image on click. This internal zoom quickly and smoothly zooms in and out. Try it on mobile devices too to see how natural it feels.

Positions and hints

Observe the "hint" text overlaid on these 4 images to suggest that the image is zoomable. All kinds of hint designs can be used. Also note that the mouseover zoom can be positioned anywhere on your page.

Preview animated GIF

Show a full-size preview image on hover. It's not zoomable - it's the whole image to help users make quick decisions. This preview image is an animated GIF, making the product even more special.

Gallery combined with Magic Scroll

Perfect if you have loads of images - Magic Scroll neatly contains all your images. Click the arrows to navigate or use swipe gestures on touch devices. A wonderful addition to Magic Zoom Plus.

Combined with Magic 360

Immerse your customers with 360 spin. Let them see every angle of your products with Magic 360. It is a knock-out combination with Magic Zoom Plus, to really maximise your conversions.

Combined with YouTube and Vimeo videos

Use the power of video to persuade and inform your users. Effortlessly switch between videos and images, in the same neatly contained area of your page. Magic Zoom Plus gives control and convenience to your visitors.

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More examples

Browse through 25 more examples, in the integration guide.

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Mouseover zoom & enlarge

Born out of relentless refinement, the silent power of Magic Zoom Plus is its ability to both mouseover zoom images and click for full-screen enlarge. Out of the box, it immediately and intuitively provides both these crucial effects.

Studies have shown how people browse images in different ways. Younger users tend to prefer the speed of a quick zoom in. Older users prefer to enlarge to full-screen to see the whole product at once.

Be confident that you're catering for all users by choosing the Magic Zoom Plus.

Image magnify

In the old days, magnifying images was easy with Flash. But since Steve Jobs famously killed Flash by declining support for it on iPhone and iPad, Flash has been a dying technology.

The image magnify effect of our popular Magic Magnify tool (yes, that used Flash too) is now available in Magic Zoom Plus. Not only have we replicated the beautiful smooth round magnifier, we've improve it.

Faster loading, oversizing enlarge effect and intelligent positioning all make this our finest magnifier ever. Now you can buy one tool yet 3 effects - zoom, enlarge and magnify. We can't wait to see what you do with it!

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