Magic Slideshow™ v2.0

Magic Slideshow™ lets you display one image after another in rotation. It's easy to install and customise on your website.

Try more examples. See the installation instructions.


  • Beautiful - make your website look gorgeous.
  • Easy - install it yourself in just a few minutes.
  • Saves space - display lots of images in one space.
  • Fast - downloads quickly, loading images in priority order.
  • Customizable - 23 options to tweak it just how you want it.


Try out the many examples of how you can customise it.

Download the demo to try this great photo slideshow on your website.


It works in all major browsers and is optimised to work on touch screens (iPad, iPhone, Android and all the others).

  •  iOS
  •  Android
  •  Chrome
  •  Internet Explorer 8+
  •  Firefox
  •  Safari
  •  Opera


Q How to activate thumbnails in simple mode?
A To activate thumnails in simple mode, you need set the thumbnails parameter to 'inside' or 'outside' and put the explicit value into the container-size option.
Q Can I turn off the stretch effect of the thumbnails as the slideshow loads?
A There is no parameter to turn this off, but you can use this CSS rule if your thumbnails are the same size:
.MagicSlideshowThumbnail { width: 100px !important; height: 50px !important; }

Version history

Magic Slideshow™ version 2.0.12
May 21, 2014

Resolve an issue with the page scrolling on touch screen devices.

Magic Slideshow™ version 2.0.11
April 25, 2014

Fix text caption.

Magic Slideshow™ version 2.0.10
April 18, 2014

Fix Ken Burns effect in Full Screen.

Magic Slideshow™ version 2.0.9
April 17, 2014

  • Resolve issue with initial size in IE8.
  • Fix styles of bullets in IE8.
  • Fix styles of bullets with Bootstrap CSS on the page.

Magic Slideshow™ version 2.0.8
April 14, 2014

Fix possible CSS issues in IE8.

Magic Slideshow™ version 2.0.7
March 11, 2014

Fix issue with a swipe navigation on touch screen.

Magic Slideshow™ version 2.0.6
February 17, 2014

Fix an issue with the "fixed" caption effect.

Magic Slideshow™ 2.0
December 12, 2013 - Jam-packed with new features and improvements:

  • Full support for mobile / touchscreens.
  • Faster loading.
  • Responsive fluid layout support.
  • Full screen option.
  • Navigation with bullets.
  • Ken Burns effect.
  • Autoplay options.
  • Support for HTML content.
  • Keyboard navigation.

Magic Slideshow™ 1.1
March 22, 2010 - New features by popular request: 11 new arrow designs; supports PNG arrows; change arrow opacity; ability to pause; start on request or on page load; text position above or below the image; preload images one-by-one; API functions to stop/start/pause/jump.

Magic Slideshow™ 1.0
October 8, 2009 - First version: image carousel; slide effects; thumbnails; jump arrows; text descriptions; and other settings.


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