Magic 360™ for PrestaShop

Spin your products and magnify into them! Nothing makes you feel closer than this 360º spin and zoom. Try it:

Install now

  1. Download the PrestaShop module for Magic 360™ (demo version).
  2. Either upload it via your PrestaShop admin area (screenshot). Or unzip the file on your computer and FTP the magic360 folder to the /modules/ directory of your store, keeping the file and folder structure intact.
  3. Install the module via [Admin panel > Modules > Other Modules > Install] (screenshot).
  4. The demo version is now installed! To create a 360 spin, scroll down...
  5. To customize Magic 360™ (speed, autospin etc.), go to [Admin panel > Modules > Other Modules > Configure] (screenshot).
  6. To upgrade your Magic 360™ license and remove the "Please upgrade" text, buy Magic 360™ and overwrite the old /modules/magic360/magic360.js file with the new file from the full version.

Setup a spin

  1. Open the product which you'd like to spin and click 'Magic 360' tab at the top (screenshot).
  2. Browse your computer for your set of images and click Upload images (screenshot). (Depending on your server settings you may have to upload images in batches eg: 01-20 and then 21-36).
  3. The 'Multi row spin' section at top of the page will automatically appear and update. The 'Number of images on X-axis' shows how many images are in your spin. The 'Number of images on Y-axis' shows if your spin moves up/down. '1' means one row only (screenshot). If your spin has multiple rows, click 'Multi-row spin' and enter the number of columns and rows in Number of images on X-axis and Number of images on Y-axis (screenshot).

Multiple images

To spin some images and zoom others (like the example above), you can install both Magic 360™ and Magic Zoom Plus™.

  1. Install the Prestashop module for Magic 360™.
  2. Install the Prestashop module for Magic Zoom Plus™.
  3. Create a new product or open an existing one.
  4. Upload your zoom images via the 'Images' section. Upload your 360 spin images via the 'Magic360' section (screenshot).

For help setting up this Prestashop 360 module, contact us.

Once installed, you can change the spin speed, 360 blur, auto-rotate, colors, borders, spin on hover/drag/click and other settings. View the customization options.

If you need 360º photography of your products, we can help you find a professional 360 spin photographer in your country. We have partnerships with studio's in US, UK, Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Czech Republic, Norway, India, Phillipines and Australia. Contact us with your requirements to request a 360 photography quotation.

This module was created to spin products in 360 rotation for PrestaShop, the open source ecommerce software.

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