Magic Touch™ for Magento

Zoom into the image!

Install now

  1. Download Magic Touch™ for Magento (demo version).
  2. Unzip the contents, and upload the magictouch folder to your Magento directory.
  3. If you use Magento Compiler, disable it. After installation is complete, go to Magento Compiler and run the compilation process.
  4. Go to http://www.yoursite.url/magictouch/ in your browser and follow the instructions.
  5. Go to System > Cache Management and refresh the cache (screenshot).
  6. Configure the Magic Touch™ module through the 'Magic Toolbox -> Magic Touch settings' menu in the Magento admin panel. Enter your unique ID for Magic Touch™ there. To get your code, either login or sign up.
  7. It's ready to use!

Multiple images

Swapping between many images is already a standard feature in Magic Touch™. But if you have lots of images, the page can look complicated.

Make your thumbnails look slick and organised with Magic Scroll™ for Magento. It neatly contains the images adds arrows to slide between them. Example:

  1. Simply activate Magic Scroll™ on the Magento options page (screenshot).
  2. To remove the "Please upgrade" text, buy a license and overwrite the /skin/frontend/[your_interface]/[your_theme]/js/magicscroll.js file with that from your licensed version.


You can change the language of the message and loading text like so:

  1. Find the locale folder for the language you wish to change e.g. /app/locale/en_US.
  2. Open the file Mage_Api.csv into the editor and insert these lines at the and of the file:

    "MagicTouch_Message","Write your message here"

    "MagicTouch_LoadingText","Write your message here"

  3. Continue these steps for each locale you wish to change.


Q How do I change the image when custom options are selected?
A Put the color name in the 'Label' attribute of each image. Open module settings page and set the option for 'Options names associated with images separated by commas' to your option name.

Q How do I prevent Magento images stretching?
A Open module settings page and turn on the option named 'Ignore magento CSS width/height styles for additional images'.

Q Do you support configurable products?
A We do not support configurable products. We only support configurable product attributes and also product options.

Perfect if you have very large images of your products. No matter how big your images are, they will load fast and look outstanding with Magic Touch™. By slicing your images into lots of tiny images, it will zoom deep inside your images to show high resolution close-up detail.

Click the full screen button and your images are displayed on the entire display - the best possible way to view photography.

Magic Touch™ is a hosted service - it fetches your large images and from that point on it serves all the images on highly optimised servers from Amazon AWS - one of the fastest, most stable and most scalable hosting platforms available. This is the mother of all image zooms - the best of the best.

If you have gorgeous high detail images, download this module and see the difference it makes to your Magento store. This Magento extension is also listed on the official Magento Commerce website.

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