Sell more than ever with a delightful lightbox.

Incredible image effects instantly increase conversions.

  • Link lightbox image to a URL to improve SEO.
  • Pick your favorite options on the settings page in your CubeCart admin.

Features | Download CubeCart 5/6 plugin | Download CubeCart 3 / 4 plugin

No coding required.

Use your Magic Thumb module almost anywhere on your CubeCart site.

You can even apply different zoom options to each page or block.

    Supported pages & blocks

    • Product details page
    • Category page
    • Latest block
    • Featured block
    • Popular block
    • Manual install elsewhere
  • CubeCart v6
  • CubeCart v5
  • CubeCart v4
  • CubeCart v3

A research conducted by concluded using an image lightbox on your ecommerce store can increase conversions.

But what is an image lightbox?

An image lightbox is created using JavaScript and enlarges product images to full-screen. When the image is enlarged, the background dims which enhances the product image even more.

Created in 2009, Magic Thumb is fully responsive (resize your browser window to see) and displays all product images one after another. Activate this CubeCart lightbox by hovering the main product image or directly from the thumbnail images.

Combine Magic Thumb with Magic Scroll to contain product image thumbnails and stop them spreading down your product page.

Download Magic Thumb free trial for your store, CubeCart 5/6 or CubeCart 3/4, and enjoy over 40 customizations. If you need a zoom and lightbox extension, try Magic Zoom Plus, and enjoy 70 customizations!

Key features

New versions support

All versions of CubeCart are supported (CubeCart v6, CubeCart v5, CubeCart v4, CubeCart v3). We update our modules as soon as a new version of CubeCart is released.

One click installation

Saves you time. Upload Magic Thumb for CubeCart directly to your Admin panel.


Magic Thumb is responsive out of the box. Essential for multi-device adaptation.

Custom Templates

Choose position thumbnails appear (left, right, top, bottom). Your choice. Simply click option on Magic Thumb Settings page.

Image resizing

Upload large version of product images (1000+ pixel width). CubeCart will resize images automatically throughout your website.


Optimize your website. Magic Thumb caches resized images. Which means fewer image downloads.

Per page profiles

Enable Magic Thumb on different pages & sections of your CubeCart store. Even better, customize it differently in each section/page.

Scrollable thumbnails

Stop the spread & control thumbnails under main product image. Activate trial version of Magic Scroll on Magic Thumb Settings page.

Bandwidth allocation

Control how Magic Thumb initializes & loads images. Choose to activate on page load or on request.

Multi language support

Change Magic Thumb message & loading text. Engage customers worldwide with the language they love.

SEO friendly

Magic Thumb supports SEO Friendly URLs. Vital for website high ranking in search engines.

Watermarked images

Protect your images. Choose the position, opacity & size of your watermark.

Web settings

Say goodbye to manual configuration. Customize settings instantly using Magic Thumb Settings page.

jQuery compatibility

Magic Thumb requires no jQuery, 3rd party library or framework. Magic Thumb is completely compatible.

Custom themes support

If Magic Thumb doesn't work immediately on your site, email us and we'll add support for your theme (free of charge).

One-off payment

Pay once and the Magic Thumb license is yours forever.


  1. Download the module for Magic Thumb CubeCart 5/6 or CubeCart 3/4 (free and fully functional demo version).
  2. Unzip the file on your computer and FTP the magicthumb folder to the root of your CubeCart website (on your server), keeping the file and folder structure intact.
  3. Magic Thumb for CubeCart web installer Go to http://www.yoursite.url/magicthumb/ in your browser and click 'Install' (replace yoursite.url with your domain name).
  4. Link to Magic Thumb for CubeCart module settings page Go to Admin panel > Modules > Plugins > Magic Thumb > Edit.
  5. Activating Magic Thumb module for CubeCart Remain on Magic Thumb settings page and enable module.
  6. The demo version is now installed!
  7. Customize the Magic Thumb plugin Customize the Magic Thumb plugin through Modules > Plugins > Magic Thumb > Edit menu in your CubeCart admin panel.
  8. Scroll thumbnail images on your CubeCart product page Activate Magic Scroll to enjoy organised thumbnails on your product page: Modules > Plugins > Magic Thumb > Edit > Use Magic Scroll™ for thumbnails > Select 'Yes' > Save changes.
  9. Buy Magic Thumb

    To upgrade your free and fully functional trial version of Magic Thumb (which removes the "Trial version" text), buy Magic Thumb and overwrite following file with the same one from your licensed version:

    CubeCart 5/6:


    CubeCart 3/4:


Multiple images

Swapping between many images is already a standard feature in Magic Thumb. But if you have lots of images, the page can look complicated.

Make your thumbnails look slick and organised with Magic Scroll for CubeCart. It neatly contains the images adds arrows to slide between them. Example:

  1. Simply activate Magic Scroll on the Magic Thumb options page.
  2. To remove the "Please upgrade" text, buy a license and overwrite the /modules/magictoolbox/core/magicscroll.js file with that from your licensed version.


Thanks for trying Magic Thumb on your CubeCart site! What did you hope Magic Thumb could do? How can we improve it? Let us know, we're always improving our tools based on customer feedback.

  1. Go to: Admin panel > Modules > Plugins > Magic Thumb > Edit > 'Magic Thumb status' option > Select 'Disabled' to disable module.
  2. Go to http://www.yoursite.url/magicthumb/ in your browser and click 'Uninstall' (replace yoursite.url with your domain name).
  3. Delete the magicthumb folder from the root of your CubeCart website (on your server).
  4. Magic Thumb is now uninstalled.

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Other CubeCart plugins

For help, contact us and we will help you install this CubeCart lightbox module on your website. The module was designed for the CubeCart shopping cart.

Magic Thumb lightbox uses your original product images - you don't need to upload new images to create the JavaScript lightbox effect. We recommend that your large images are 400-600px height. The module will automatically resize your images to create thumbnails. Choose the size of your image thumbnails in the settings.ini file.

This CubeCart lightbox module can enlarge images or movies on click or on hover. The enlarge will fit the image to the full browser screen, providing your images are large enough. Magic Thumb uses JavaScript and CSS to create the effect and there are more than 50 options to customize the tool just how you want it. Change the speed, duration, effect, borders, colors, text and many more things. As it uses JavaScript, it works on all major browsers and on iPhone / iPad.