The most divine zoom for Bigcommerce.

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  • Show product videos and images, with Magic Zoom Plus.
  • Zoom – fade-in, deceleration, image switching and resizing.

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Works on these pages:

    • Product details page
    All latest versions
  Rating: 5.0 (27 reviews)

Product images are a crucial part of all Bigcommerce stores. The better the images, the more likely users are to buy.

That's why we created this Bigcommerce image zoom. This app enriches every image gallery, thanks to its twin effects. Choose 4 effects from external zoom, internal zoom, magnifier and the stunning full-screen view.

All Bigcommerce product thumbnails appear under the main image, for easy browsing. It's easy to use for any visitor.

Make your Bigcommerce product images look better than ever today. What's more, if your theme isn't supported yet, we'll add support for it within 48 hours!

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Features you'll love

Multiple locations

Display image zooms on your category pages as well as your product pages. Each section can have different options to suit your site design. Point and click to choose the settings you wish.

Works faster

Instantly enjoy the gorgeous zoom on hover or click. Swap thumbnails on hover too. It's fast and smooth but might prefer to save bandwidth and apply image loading on demand.

Works on any theme

This BigCommerce image zoom app can work on any theme. Sometimes a small manual change is required by our tech support team, especially for Stencil themes. Just email our support team with a login to your BigCommerce admin and they'll finish the installation.
Works on any theme

Always being improved

Get free upgrades when new versions are released. Magic Zoom Plus is the only JavaScript image zoom app to be constantly improved for more then 10 years.
Always being improved

Live demos


Install Magic Zoom Plus directly from BigCommerce Marketplace!

Magic Zoom Plus for BigCommerce

  1. Get the Magic Zoom Plus BigCommerce appGo to the Magic Zoom Plus listing on the BigCommerce Marketplace > Click 'Get this app' button.
  2. Log into your BigCommerce admin panelClick 'Log in' and log into your BigCommerce admin panel.
  3. Install Magic Zoom Plus BigCommerce appClick the 'Install' button.
  4. Click confirm to install Magic Zoom Plus BigCommerce appClick the 'Confirm' button.
  5. Click confirm to install Magic Zoom Plus BigCommerce appEnter 'WebDAV Password' in the field provided to complete installation > Click 'Save Settings'.

    (Tip: Your 'WebDAV Password' can be found here: Dashboard > Server Settings > File Access (WebDAV) > 'WebDAV Password' option > Click 'Copy to Clipboard'.)
  6. An 'Installing app...' message will show.
  7. The demo version is now installed! (If your Theme isn't automatically supported, email us for help)
  8. All settings for Magic Zoom Plus on your BigCommerce storeCustomize Magic Zoom Plus however you wish, with over 70 customizations available (zoom size, background, hint etc.).

    Go to: Dashboard > Apps > Magic Zoom Plus > 'App settings' tab.

Your theme

BigCommerce uses Stencil as its default theme framework. If Magic Zoom Plus doesn't work immediately on your store, we'll resolve it:

  1. Add as a user in your BigCommerce account.
  2. Email us to say you'd like us to add support for your theme.
  3. We'll complete Magic Zoom Plus installation within 48 hours (free of charge) and email you the good news.


Magic Zoom Plus is free to try for 30 days. To remove the 'Trial version' message, simply:

  1. Buy your license here (pay by card or PayPal).
  2. Copy your License Key, displayed after payment is complete.
  3. Upgrade Magic Zoom Plus on your Bigcommerce store Go to your BigCommerce Magic Zoom Plus settings page (Dashboard > Apps > Magic Zoom Plus) and click the Upgrade tab.
  4. Enter License Key to activate licensed version of Magic Zoom Plus on your Bigcommerce store Paste your License Key in the field provided and click Submit.
  5. Refresh your product page. The 'Trial version' text will disappear (if it doesn't, message us and we'll fix it.)

Video tutorial

Multiple images

Swapping between the main product image and thumbnail images is a standard feature in Magic Zoom Plus. But what happens when you have lots of images for the same product? An easy way to keep thumbnail images contained is to use Magic Scroll.

Magic Scroll is an image carousel which allows customers to scroll through each product image using arrows. It's the perfect way to keep any product page layout looking slick.

  1. Go to: Dashboard > Apps > Magic Zoom Plus > 'App settings' tab.
  2. Scroll thumbnails on your BigCommerce storeScroll down to 'Thumbnail carousel' section > Enable 'Scroll thumbnails' option.

Combine image zoom & product video

Product videos are an excellent marketing tool for selling items on your BigCommerce store.

Add any YouTube or Vimeo video to your BigCommerce image gallery, and switch smoothly between product images and product videos to encourage customers to buy with confidence.

(Video works with Stencil themes only)

  1. Go to existing product or create a new one.
  2. Upload video thumbnail to BigCommerce image gallery Upload image you want to appear as video thumbnail in your product image gallery.
  3. Add product video url (YouTube or Vimeo) to BigCommerce product field Enter product video url (YouTube or Vimeo) in the image 'Description' field > Click Save.
  4. Product video appears in Bigcommerce image gallery Refresh product page on your ecommerce store. The product video image appears as a thumbnail in the image gallery.
  5. That's it! Add as many product videos as you want to your BigCommerce image gallery.

Add 360 spins

Combine 360-degree spins & zoom/enlarge effects on the same product page. Thanks to our 360 spin service Sirv, it's easy to add stunning product spins to escalate your BigCommerce sales.

  1. Install the Magic Zoom Plus app.
  2. Create your Sirv account.
  3. Create a new folder in your Sirv account called products.
  4. Open the products folder and create another new folder. Name it to match the BigCommerce Product SKU.

    (Or some other unique BigCommerce field such as Product Name or Product ID.)
  5. Upload your set of spin images to the new folder and a 360 spin file will automatically generate.
  6. Add Sirv ID to BigCommerce Enter your Sirv Account Name (shown on your account page) on your Magic Zoom Plus app settings page. Click Save Settings.
  7. The 360 spin will now appear next to the other product images (you may need to refresh the page). If you need help, contact our support team.

Product options

Magic Zoom Plus for Bigcommerce
Magic Zoom Plus for Bigcommerce Magic Zoom Plus for Bigcommerce Magic Zoom Plus for Bigcommerce Magic Zoom Plus for Bigcommerce

Black Maroon Obsidian Seaweed

Do your products come in different colours or styles?

Product options are perfect for showing customers a variety of images.


Thanks for trying Magic Zoom Plus on your Bigcommerce site! What did you hope Magic Zoom Plus could do? How can we improve it? Let us know, we're always improving our tools based on customer feedback.

  1. Log in to your BigCommerce admin panel.
  2. Click Magic Zoom Plus logo on left hand side.
  3. Click 'Uninstall' tab > Click 'Uninstall app' button.
  4. Click 'Apps' > 'My apps' > Magic Zoom Plus > Click 'Uninstall'.
  5. Magic Zoom Plus is now uninstalled.

Customer reviews

  Rating: 5.0 (27 reviews)
Solved our problem
Magic Zoom solved our problem. Simple as that.

Chris Blaschko,

Bomb Diggity
Learning the Magic Zoom Plus and was having some minor issues (not directly related to Magic Zoom Plus) and an awesome tech lady Paula went out of her way to educate me. Great product and awesome support.


Great Tool and Great Tech Support!
The Magic Zoom Plus is a great function to have included on your website. I was having difficulties at first, but tech support handled the problem immediately and responded to any technical questions very quickly! Great job, and thank you for all your help!


Big like
The app is very useful, clean and fast.
The support is just the same, a big like for them!


Great Support
This is a great app, and Igor from Support was extremely helpful in answering my questions and getting it set up exactly as I wanted it. Do recommend.

Jim Guinn,

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