The tools let viewers see product pictures in great detail, giving them greater confidence to buy.

Try the tools and choose your favourite. Then integrate it using the instructions below. Alternatively, hire us and we will install it for you for a fixed fee (normally £29 or £55).

Supported pages and blocks

Magic Zoom

Product details page, manual install elsewhere.

Magic Zoom Plus

Product details page, manual install elsewhere.

Magic Thumb

Product details page, manual install elsewhere.

Multiple product images

If you have a paid Ecwid account, additional product images will be displayed underneath main product image. Free Ecwid accounts will have additional images displayed as they were originally, without any changes.

Free Ecwid accounts

Are you using a free Ecwid account? If yes, your large image will be reduced to 500px wide. This is a limit set by Ecwid on all free accounts.

As the Live Demo shows, zooms don't look impressive at 500px. Using a paid Ecwid account will remove the size restriction.

We recommend you upload a minimum image size of 800px width. Ideally 1000px to 1500px width are best as this size provides an excellent detailed zoom.


Check out demo page which illustrates how Magic Zoom Plus works in Ecwid.


These instructions are for Ecwid E-Commerce Widgets to improve the way product images are displayed. Each tool uses JavaScript to create beautiful image effects such as a lightbox enlargement to popup the image to the full-screen or zoom the image on hover with a high resolution large photo.