Magic Zoom™ for VirtueMart

Yamaha motorbike

Hover over the image! Grab the VirtueMart component and start using Magic Zoom™.

Install now

  1. Download the Magic Zoom™ component for VirtueMart 1.1.9 or VirtueMart 2.
  2. In "Upload Package File", select the Magic Zoom™ component that you just downloaded and click "Upload File and Install".
  3. Open the page "Components->Magic Zoom" to customize Magic Zoom™ as you wish.
  4. Magic Zoom™ is ready to use Happy
    If you don't see it working, please change the module position here: Administrator > Extensions > Modules manager > Magic Zoom module for Joomla with VirtueMart (screenshot). If it still does not work, you may have an incompatible template. Please send us your FTP access details and login/password for your Joomla back-end and we will help you.
  5. To upgrade, buy Magic Zoom™ (full version) and overwrite the previous /modules/mod_virtuemart_magiczoom/core/magiczoom.js file with that from the full version.

To customize colors and borders, edit the magiczoom.css file located in /modules/mod_virtuemart_magiczoom/core/magiczoom.css. Also, look at the customization guide.

Multiple images

Swapping between many images is already a standard feature in Magic Zoom™. But if you have lots of images, the page can look complicated.

Make your thumbnails look slick and organised with Magic Scroll™ for VirtueMart. It neatly contains the images adds arrows to slide between them. Example:

  1. Simply activate Magic Scroll™ on the VirtueMart options page (screenshot).
  2. To remove the "Please upgrade" text, buy a license and overwrite the /modules/mod_virtuemart_magiczoom/core/magicscroll.js file with that from your licensed version.

Watch the installation video:

Image zoom component

  • This component was created for VirtueMart, the ecommerce engine for Joomla!.
  • All versions are supported: Joomla 1.0, Joomla 1.1, Joomla 1.5, VirtueMart 1.0, VirtueMart 1.1.
  • Joomla added plugins as well as modules when it moved from 1.0 to 1.5. We initally issued a VirtueMart plugin but have since changed it to a module.

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