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Milan Cvetkovic,

Real support

We recommend Magic Toolbox products. They are one of few companies that have real support. There was not a single case where your support didn't manage to resolve an issue for our clients.
Milan Cvetkovic


Wish I had it a year ago

The app works great!!! I wish I'd downloaded it a year ago when I launched my site.


Your app is the best

I have multiple websites and have been in ecommerce for years ... your app is the best, easy to use, provides huge value and is clean and smooth. A job well done ... very well!



Outstanding product ... simply wonderful.

Katie Timboe,

Great product

Thumbs up to your designer/developers on a great product, just what I am looking for.
Katie Timboe

Dylan Siao, eBay Power Seller

Fantastic support

I really wish all the tech companies had customer service like you. Please keep up the great work!!
Dylan Siao
eBay Power Seller

Tony Murana,

Stunningly beautiful

I would like to compliment you on how good the new Magic Zoom Plus 5.0 is, stunningly beautiful work!
Tony Murana

Trog's World,

A great product and great support

I really appreciate the help that the team at Magic Toolbox provided while I was working on a project that required Magic Zoom Plus. Not only is the product exactly what was needed for the project, the support to help customize the product to my specific solution was excellent. Thank you for a great product and great support!
Trog's World

Alberto Gombau,

Absolutely happy

We're absolutely happy with this module, Magic Slideshow creates a dynamic transition between product images and it's very visual to our customers.
Alberto Gombau

Andy Anderson,

Super easy

I really like this zoom library. It was super easy to integrate and configure within my Drupal site. Thanks for putting it out there!
Andy Anderson

Frank Saralegui,

Exemplary customer support

Your products are fantastic and your customer support is exemplary. I always recommend you guys. Thanks again.
Frank Saralegui

Joshua Karrasch,

Works great

Magic 360 is great! I had a couple tech issues but Igor was quick to answer. When the solution provided did not fix the problem, he was more than happy to log into my WordPress account and fix the issues with the coding. The product works great now and I think it will give me an edge over my competitors, even those with a bigger bank account! Thank you and I look forward to working with the Magic team in the future.
Joshua Karrasch


Fantastic service

Best Customer Service ever - quick, super friendly & very helpful. Love the Magic Zoom Plus - the pics on my website look so much better now - love it!

Nolan Noecker,


I currently use Magic Zoom Plus and Magic Scroll and love both products. They absolutely work and the technical support has been outstanding.
Nolan Noecker

Theodore Lewis,

Magic Slideshow is amazing

I used Magic Slideshow to add interest to my boring CubeCart homepage. It is very professional, has tons of settings, and loads very quickly. Best of all, it looks great. I have gotten a lot of positive feedback. Also, I modified my web store a lot, so the standard Magic Slideshow needed some modifications to work exactly the way I wanted it to. I received dedicated technical support, which is some of the BEST I have ever gotten. Fast, helpful replies, and very helpful modifications that really made a difference. They really cared in making sure my site worked correctly with the Slideshow mod. Highly recommended!
Theodore Lewis

Danie Ludick,

First class

Apart from a great plugin, I received first class support from this team. Their level of response, customer interaction and technical ability is the best that I have come across so far! Thank you very much.
Danie Ludick

Dane Spear,

Top draw

When looking for a zoom plugin I literally installed about 7 different plugins for my customer to view. Magic Zoom was by far the most user friendly and best looking in terms of the view port window. Most of the other plugins don't have a white background in the view port or use the image space as the view port, which doesn't look great. So I can recommend Magic Zoom from a product point - best out there. Then from a support point of view, they went above and beyond. Firstly, their response time to my emails was very good. Something I am passionate about as the founder of Secondly, they fixed the error I was getting and didn't stop until it was resolved. Well done Magic Zoom Team - top draw product and service.
Dane Spear

Mark Maunders,


Thank you for installing this fantastic Magic Zoom Plus module, excellent price and mega fast installation. Your company has our vote of confidence 🙂
Mark Maunders

Julia Sharpe,

Simple & perfect

Thank you for such an excellent tool. It is just what I was looking for (and didn't expect to find) after trawling through pages of various long and complicated coding to zoom images. So simple, so perfect. Thank you so much.
Julia Sharpe

Bharat Sethi,

Awesome service

I have to say this is the most awesome & quick service I've received from any Shopify app yet. And we use many a lot.
Bharat Sethi

Jim Morrison,

Smooth & consistent

Magic Zoom is one of the best pieces of software I have ever bought. It does exactly what it claims to do and it works smoothly and consistently. Also, it is so easy to integrate into your site. I got it up and running on my site within ten minutes. I have already recommended Magic Zoom to many people and also visitors to my web site have even asked me what I use for my image zooming. I am very happy with this product.
Jim Morrison

Arnie Smith,


Massive thanks to Igor and the team at Magic Toolbox. Always prompt responses and excellent service. Fantastic!
Arnie Smith

Joe Sobieck,

Class act

The tech-support committed a respectable amount of time and patience that has resulted in a very happy client of mine. There are not too many applications like Magic Zoom Plus and finding it ended an agonizing three week search. Our requirements were far from typical and they worked through the complications, in a 30 email chain, to get it exactly right. Cheers to the group of Magic Toolbox and look forward to doing business with you again in the future.
Joe Sobieck

Daiden Sacha,

So cool

I bought Magic Zoom Plus for a site in development. It is so cool. Your tech support was really helpful, and helped to install it just as I wanted it. Thank you.
Daiden Sacha

Richard Lindsay,

Amazing Support

I requested help on my website at the end of the day. I woke up the next morning and they had already fixed the issue. Incredible support!
Richard Lindsay

Fred Wood,

An exceptional job

I hope you know that customer support is too often a thing of the past. You guys have been stellar in your support and should all be congratulated on an exceptional job. I don't know what else to say other than Thank You for all your terrific and very timely support!!!!!!!!!
Fred Wood

Alexandra da Fonseca-Klein,

No extension like it

This gave my site the right feel. The zoom is so smooth and my pictures don't get resized by OpenCart any more, so they stay crisp and clear. The programmers also offered great service when I had some issues using it on my theme. They solved it quickly and friendly. There is no extension like it. 5 Stars.
Alexandra da Fonseca-Klein

Todd Heim,

Amazing results

We LOVE Magic 360! We've been implementing 360 degree animations for all our major products and the results have been amazing. It's shortened purchase decision times and has even lowered our customer acquisition costs for products we have videos live. Thanks!
Todd Heim

Justin Wegner,

Thank you so much!

I am really satisfied with Magic 360 support. I appreciate all your help! The plugin works great!!!
Justin Wegner

Melissa Wilson,


Wow, your customer service is outstanding! And so are your products 🙂 I really appreciate your help!
Melissa Wilson

Chris McIntyre,


I have to congratulate you on a fantastic upgrade to Magic 360. It was good in the first place but it's been taken to a whole different level with the full window zoom and the full screen feature in version 3.0. It's also great how the files from older projects can be updated easily.
Chris McIntyre

Susan Green,


Magic Zoom took my online shop to a new level and the customer service was outstanding! Magic Toolbox installed it for me and it was up and running in less than 5 minutes after purchase. Very happy customer!
Susan Green

Steve Barth,

Super helpful

The support at Magic Toolbox has been super helpful with the products they provide. Very fast response, really great service. Thanks.
Steve Barth

Steven Tewkesbury,


I would just like to say what a wonderful tool Magic Zoom Plus is. I love it.
Steven Tewkesbury

Nick Thomas,

Increased my sales

I purchased Magic Zoom Plus for Shopify and noticed an 8% increase in sales since installing it!
Nick Thomas

Catharina Harders,


I love the scripts and plugin you produce! Flawless work, thank you very much!
Catharina Harders

Carolyn Noel,

Best customer service anywhere

Magic Zoom Plus is a definite asset on a website if you have any graphics that should be enlarged and want an easy way to do it. Everyone has more experience than myself with coding, but for Customer Service, specifically Paula, held my hand and took me through it step by step. Unbelievably patient... she went way above and beyond in helping me! Best Customer Service available anywhere... 5 stars +++++
Carolyn Noel

Vikas Gautam,

Awesome tools

"AWESOME" tools, hard to put in words, but extremely impressive work.
Vikas Gautam

Christie Sheridan,

Excellent Customer Service!

I first bought Magic Slideshow and needed assistance making it function in a certain way on my clients site. Your guys not only walked me through the process but gave me sample code. I then needed to purchase Magic Zoom. I accidentally purchased the wrong version and with no questions asked, my money was refunded and your Customer Service people made sure the mistake wasn't made a second time. I sincerely appreciate your patience and speedy response!!!
Christie Sheridan

Chris Lane,

Best service ever!

The best customer service we have ever received! Having had many poorly scripted web tools in the past from inferior developers, its refreshing to find a company that not only delivers the goods but are also compassionate towards their customers. From initial inquiry to integration, the team were right there to support and provide solutions. They are not mediated or forced to perform this way, it just comes naturally. Good news travels fast, don't waste your time on other sites, this is the only one you need!
Chris Lane

Rob Voigt,

A breeze

Magic Zoom was a breeze to integrate on our site! Thanks!
Rob Voigt

Luis Alcala,

Excellent service

Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with Magic Zoom and your excellent customer service.
Luis Alcala

Denis Baudry,

Very easy

Your tools are excellent plug-ins, compatible with all modern browsers and very easy to use! Thank you so much!
Denis Baudry

Magdalene Marx,

Wonderful work!

I just want to tell you how much I love your concepts – its such a fantastic product range and love how you continuously develop new and interesting ways to perfect them. Just wonderful work!
Magdalene Marx

William Boyle,

Simply fantastic

The overall improvement to my new site is just simply fantastic. The image hover and zoom was just what I needed to finish off the new site and new look. Big thanks.
William Boyle

Johan Van Brabant, eBay shop owner

I love Magic Slideshow

I love Magic Slideshow and I really mean what I say. It's just the right mix of DIY and affordability for me. Easily comprehensible with my basic knowledge of JavaScript and HTML and no monthly fees.
Johan Van Brabant
eBay shop owner

A.F.Kassim, eBay shop owner

Great support

Thank you, your support is just great. You people are doing a great job. Thank you for your help.
eBay shop owner

Alejandro Barreras,

Excellent work

You guys are doing excellent work.... keep it going!!! We use Magic Slideshow, Magic Scroll and Magic Zoom Plus. Thanks!
Alejandro Barreras

Bill Finch,

Excellent support to compliment an awesome tool

The product implementation was pretty smooth. I ran into a few hiccups with cross-browser issues in IE7/8 in our HTML. Alex and the support at Magic Toolbox rocked! We worked through the issues and even improved the loading on the page as well. With Alex's help we also resolved a couple issues in FireFox 12/13 in our custom solution to start/swap Magic Zoom Plus images. This has been a great experience and I recommend them for your site-enhancements. You won't be disappointed.
Bill Finch

Matthias Baumann,

Fantastic products!

I like your products very much, they are fantastic! I have Magic Slideshow, Magic Zoom Plus and I just bought Magic Scroll on Friday 😉 Thank you very much for your support!
Matthias Baumann

Jeffery Sawlor,

Amazing support

Your tech rep is an amazing help and because of him I purchased your item!! Thank you for such amazing tech support! You are the best!
Jeffery Sawlor

Thomas Greisinger,


Really awesome product for a very affordable price. Thank you.
Thomas Greisinger

Jonathan Riddle,

Incredible support

Absolutely incredible support!!!!! What a company! I am genuinely flabbergasted! Thanks so much.
Jonathan Riddle


Magic Zoom is Awesome…

Magic Zoom is awesome... but their support is even better. They responded back very quickly on multiple support inquiries. They went above and beyond to make sure my site looks great with their software. Kudos to Magic Toolbox!

Paul Lips,

Great support

Just wanted to thank you for the great support and making the all tools work so well on our website.
Paul Lips


Very happy customer

I'm a very happy customer. I just wanted to thank you for your great support. Fantastic customer service! Well done.

Nacho de la Fuente,

Second to none

Second to none! Clearly the best image tool I haver used. The only caveat: it has so many personalization options that you may need several days to try all the combinations 😉 Quick install and great post sales support from Igor, thanks again!
Nacho de la Fuente


Amazing fast support

We bought Magic Scroll to complement Magic Zoom Plus. We had a problem setting it up but after contacting Magic Toolbox, the problem was solved within one hour! That is really amazing fast, and we were very happy of course. That's why we are happy to write this review, to go with all the others I see on their website. Keep improving 😉

Phraisohn Siripool,


I bought your product yesterday 🙂 It's really superb and your support is great!
Phraisohn Siripool

Leroy Schulz,


Thank you very much! Magic Zoom is a terrific piece of code. I'll keep it in mind for future projects too. Cheers from Edmonton.
Leroy Schulz

Dr Kingsley Micklem,

Excellent software

The Magic Toolbox software is excellent and Magic 360 will make a big difference to our teaching [at Oxford University].
Dr Kingsley Micklem

Nikolay Andreyev,

Best user interface

I've looked at a lot of 360 photo tools in the last few days and I want to say that Magic 360 has the best user interface.
Nikolay Andreyev


Stylish & supportive

I was recommended to Magic Toolbox by a web developer friend and I am so glad I've discovered you. I have asked so many questions and received super-helpful advice and direction in record time! Thanks for all of your help and brilliant image tools!

Will Hawes,

Highly recommended!

You guys are fantastic. I had a problem with a modification I'd made to our site structure. You logged in and fixed it directly, pretty much on the spot after I sent my email. The product is every bit as cool as it's billed to be and your support is even better. Highly recommended!
Will Hawes

Don Mackey,

Saves time + effort

I really like your programs, they save me so much time and effort and I can make things happen on our website in less time and stress.
Don Mackey

James Taylor,

Blew my clients away!

The guys at Magic Toolbox are nothing short of awesome! As a freelance web developer I often get 'out-of-the-box' requests from clients, and I have discovered Magic solutions that have blown my clients away!! The Wordpress plugins they offer are super-stylish, and deliver incredible functionality. I'm so happy I found the Magic team because I can now offer my clients an extra dimension of style and function that was previously not possible. I was also surprised by the technical support I received via email: Tech support was outstanding! Definitely the best support I have experienced with any WP plugin! I've spent a fair whack of dollars on WP plugins over the last few years, and I can say without a doubt, every buck I spent on Magic products was money VERY well spent! You guys make me look so good to my clients! For that I thank you 🙂
James Taylor

Deni Frandrup, Site in production


After searching for hours for a good slideshow, I finally came across your site. Your slideshows are AMAZING! Great product!!!! I've purchased other products on-line and had hours of frustration trying to get them to work and having to rewrite some of the code. Not with your product, it actually dropped right in and it works!
Deni Frandrup
Site in production

Frank Saralegui,


Your software is exemplary, so much so that I'm using as many tools as I can. All your software is such great stuff!
Frank Saralegui

Alvaro Ramirez,

Uber easy

Cool. Great to use Magic Toolbox. Uber easy to integrate. Will recommend. Thanks.
Alvaro Ramirez

Michael Bauer,

In a word – amazing

Speaking for our entire firm, I would like to thank you and your company once more for being so incredibly reliable and quick to reply to support-requests. We have rarely ever experienced such helpful and timely support. The site where the problem occurred is being presented to our customers as we speak - and in no small part thanks to your support-staff, we are able to present a beautiful product.... including a functionality that was troubleshot by you on the day we implemented it. Thank you! Your support is - in a word - amazing.
Michael Bauer

Thomas Vollrath,

Really top!

Your software is really top and thanks a lot for your fast service!
Thomas Vollrath

Manimaran Kalimuthu,


Your products are Rocking and your support is awesome. Thanks.
Manimaran Kalimuthu

Michael Degn Jensen,

Lightening fast

Your Magic Zoom Plus module looks great and your support was lightening fast! I must say that I'm impressed... a lot of companies could learn from you guys 🙂
Michael Degn Jensen

Tim Coupland,

Great coding

I think that Magic Zoom Plus is really cool - just perfect for our site. Let the team know, it is a great bit of coding.
Tim Coupland

Andrea Quinn,

So impressed

We are so impressed with Magic Slideshow that we are going to use it for all of our clients. Thank you so much!
Andrea Quinn

Jane Burt,


I've implemented Magic Zoom Plus on our product pages. It's awesome! I love it and it has even helped to increase traffic to our site. Thanks!
Jane Burt

Danny Nunez,


You guys are amazing. Thanks a million for the fast support.
Danny Nunez

Eli Malahi, eCom Alliance

Thanks a million

Thanks a million - Magic Slideshow is a great script. It looks just how I wanted it.
Eli Malahi
eCom Alliance

Miles Ashworth,

Very prompt service

We love Magic Zoom and thanks for your very prompt service.
Miles Ashworth

David Harding,

Recommended to everyone

After using Magic Zoom Plus on our site for over a year now it really does improve conversion rates when you put effort into the images. We love the scroll and the zoom system. The feedback from our customers is great. We would recommend this product to everyone and the support is the best I have seen.
David Harding

Jonathan Gordon,

Love the product

I love the product and you are a pleasure to deal with.
Jonathan Gordon

Tom Hickey,

Love the product

I love Magic Zoom Plus and thanks so much for the help and support. I was not expecting such a fast and good result. It gives me great confidence in the product! Thanks.
Tom Hickey

Leandro Dias,

Never seen such a good product

We love the Magic Zoom Plus. I have worked with Virtuemart for 4 years and never seen such a good component as Magic Zoom Plus.
Leandro Dias

Kirk Wolff (eBay PowerSeller),


I placed three expensive items in eBay yesterday with Magic Magnify, and sold all three already in one day! Never happened before (and they were clothes). I saved money on photos too because I just used the standard free eBay photo and Magic Magnify and Dropbox to show other product images. The close-up shot lets people magnify right in to see the label on the clothes. Perfect.
Kirk Wolff (eBay PowerSeller)

Tamera Peters,

Really easy

I got Magic Zoom Plus working really easily last night! Great tool.
Tamera Peters

Collin Wade,

Awesome service

Thanks for the awesome customer service! You have been by far the BEST customer service for a Joomla product I have ever come across, bar none! Thank you. Thank you.
Collin Wade



Thank you so much... your customer service is wonderful!!

Eric Backer,

They go out of their way to help you

I overwrote a file by mistake, so Magic Zoom Plus was not working. I contacted Magic Toolbox support and they were ready and willing to connect to my server to resolve the issue. It was not their responsibility to locate and fix my mistake but they went above and beyond the call of duty which is why I am taking the time to write this testimonial. Thank you.
Eric Backer

Ludwig Hofbauer,

Great job

Magic Zoom Plus works very nice on my site! Thank you very much for this extension. Also, the manual to install was very easy. Great job!!
Ludwig Hofbauer


Top of the line

This is a top-of-the-line mod. It always works with no hang ups. It looks amazing on my site. I was having a layout issue with the thumbs and my template that I couldn't figure out and Magic Toolbox figured it out and fixed it extremely fast (and for free!). One thing I didn't realize it offered until after I installed it: So you have a product with multiple color attributes. If you upload the additional colors, give the image the same as the attribute. Then when you select the color in the drop down, it changes the product image to that color! Great price for a really good extension and support!

Martin Sebborn,


I have purchased and implemented your tools on commercial and non-commercial sites and I have to say that I am impressed with your products.
Martin Sebborn

David Williamson,

Superb service

If your support had been received during normal working hours I would have been impressed, but since your responses have been over the weekend I can honestly say this is superb service and I will definitely be recommending you to others.
David Williamson

Jonas Haid,

Highly recommended

Thanks the great extension. We downloaded and installed it in a a few minutes and it works really great. I will highly recommended your site and your customer service.
Jonas Haid

Laura Dillmann,

Works very well

I just wanted to let you know that I think Magic Zoom is great! It was very easy to incorporate into the site, and works very well. And you also have excellent customer support! 🙂 Thanks again.
Laura Dillmann

Jeff Skinner,

I simply wanted to say… WOW

I simply wanted to say... WOW!!!!!! Simplest, smartest, fantastic 1 minute installation and it just plain WORKS! Thanks a ton! (Cre Loaded 6.4.0a Cart install with Magic Zoom Plus)
Jeff Skinner

Alfred Rügheimer,

First class support

We use Magic Zoom Plus and it is a super tool. Also the support (we had some issues with the thumbnails) is FIRST CLASS. Fast and very, very kindly. Better than in every other company. We never found this before. We can only recommend this.
Alfred Rügheimer

Keith Baker,


You are superstars. Thank you very much indeed. I'm so impressed with the tools alone. And such prompt helpful support is another major plus - won't hesitate to recommend you.
Keith Baker

Soren Teichman,

Great ROI

I'm certain that Magic Zoom Plus will increase sales on our website. Great ROI. Thank you.
Soren Teichman

Vishnu Venkatraman,


It was pleasure to work with you. We will recommend this tool to every customer we have. We find it to be very useful. Thank you very much.
Vishnu Venkatraman

Elliot Baddeley,

Best customer service

Magic Toolbox is the way forward! The best customer service coupled with an AMAZING module = One very satisfied customer. Without a doubt I will be recommending this to every single one of my clients. Thanks!
Elliot Baddeley

Ralf Tuennermann,


Wonderful, this is exactly what we needed!!! It works like a charm. Great customer service. I will definitely recommend you guys to everyone.
Ralf Tuennermann

Renee Palmer,

Truly magic

Magic Zoom is truly magic. I love it! Thank you so much.
Renee Palmer

Neil Axe,

Absolutely awesome

Magic Touch was so easy to integrate. The fact that I don't need to upload my images is awesome and your product overall is just awesome! Your technology is very professional, and your service is absolutely brilliant!
Neil Axe

Bögözi Attila,

One word: perfect.

Saved us a lot of time. Magic Zoom is very professional product, easy to implement with very good documentation about how to customize it. In one word: PERFECT.
Bögözi Attila

Becca Bonneville,

Really pleased

We bought the Magic Thumb module for X-Cart and are really pleased with it! Thank you so much!
Becca Bonneville

Mike Smith,


My first reaction was and still is WOW! I just want to say a massive thanks for all your time, help and support. It really means a lot. I am extremely impressed with your software and service. Again, many, many thanks for everything.
Mike Smith

Alastair Coleman,

Cannot express how happy I am!

I can not express enough how happy I am with your service! Thank you so much!
Alastair Coleman



Thank you very much, I want you to know that your zoom effect is perfect and your support is so fast. I would not hesitate to propose your tools to my next customer.

Umit Naci Yilmaz,

Great products

I just bought Magic Zoom and want to thank you - all your products are great. I look forward to your new products...
Umit Naci Yilmaz

Shari Barnhart,

Most amazing tool

Thank you for your most amazing tool. Your Magic Magnify is awesome. I used it in a number of places on them museum site I just completed. The purpose of the website was to allow people to virtually visit the museum. Your tool makes that task much more fun. Magic Magnify enhanced the museum's site and I greatly appreciate its abilities.
Shari Barnhart

Martin Adrian,

Saves time and money

Your magic tools are so helpful, because I save so much time and money. And it is magnificent to make your code useable with all CMS platforms too!
Martin Adrian

Gary Maruna,

Extremely easy to install

I love your Magic Zoom tool... it's a much better alternative to Magento's image magnifying tool and was extremely easy to install.
Gary Maruna

Sean Conway,

Extremely helpful

I can't say enough good things about Alex, Oleksiy and Magic Zoom... our customer loves the way it works and the support from Magic Toolbox has been EXTREMELY helpful and very fast to respond.

Thanks again for helping make this one of our showcase sites!

Sean Conway

Adam Hegi,

Works great

I just wanted to say thanks for Magic Zoom. It works great and we are very happy.

Adam Hegi

Niels Huve,


Fantastic product! Building a site for my wife and she wanted to have the zoom functionality in there because thats what she saw on a site she liked. I don't have knowledge about javascript and the guys at Magic Toolbox answered all my questions and it's all working which means a happy wife! Cheers.

Niels Huve



I want to thank you once again for the great job done. You were always looking forward to helping me. I wouldn't doubt to work with you guys again! Plus, your software is amazing!


Steve Miller,

Very well engineered

Just wanted to write you guys a quick email and say thank you for all of your help.

All of your products are written and engineered very well! They made the difference on our new website. Thank you again!

Steve Miller

Hamid Abtahi,


I am so happy that I found your product. Magic Zoom Plus is exactly what I wanted and really appreciate your service and installation assistance in implementing this product on our site. I am sure we and our customers will benefit by having this software available. Your product and customer service are second-to-none.

Hamid Abtahi

Jamie Ion,

Wonderful to use

I would just like to thank you - Magic Thumb is such a wonderful tool to use. It has more options than just the light box effect which is what I love about it.

Jamie Ion

Bill McLauchlan,


Outstanding tools and thanks for the great customer service.

Bill McLauchlan

Fredrick Weddington,


I'm loving your script! Great work!

Fredrick Weddington

Steve Miller,


We just love Magic Touch! So do the 22 other customers we showed this to in the last several days.

You guys are awesome! Thank you!

Steve Miller

Jim Weinberg,

Look no further

Some time ago, I purchased several of the Magic Toolbox programs. To tell the truth, I wasn't expecting much. Boy, was I surprised. These tools not only do what they're advertised to, but so much more. And if that's not enough, they're even supported by people who actually answer the questions you ask.

Anyone looking for a set of tools to enhance their website need look no further than the Magic Toolbox tool set. These products are well worth the price.

Jim Weinberg

Mike Mikosic,

One of a kind

I have to say your service is the best I have ever had from any company I have dealt with on the Internet. You are truly one of a kind. Congratulations on a fantastic effort.

I will have no hesitation is recommending your services and would even be happy to link back to your site from our site giving you credit for the fantastic job you have done.

Hats off to you for your fantastic tools and even better service.

Mike Mikosic

Paul Smedley,

It makes the site

Our client and their customers love Magic Zoom Plus. In fact, in some respects it makes the site. Well done guys.

Paul Smedley

Donald Siowek PhD, Boston University

Holy Moses

I have wanted a product or products that give me the zoom functions you do. Now I found it! Excellent work.

These apps are incredibly useful, affordable and intuitive. THANK YOU.

Donald Siowek PhD
Boston University

Eric Mercier,


I cannot imagine my site without your extension! It works great.

I would like to thank you VERY MUCH really for your help.

Eric Mercier

Ben Marshall,

Terrific, easy, perfect

Great support from you guys. Terrific product, does exactly what we want. Very flexible, extremely easy and quick to add to our jewelry site.

In a word: perfect. Couldn't have done it better myself. Now to re-PhotoShop our product images for an even closer up view. THANK YOU for an outstanding plug-in. And no Flash required! Just JavaScript and CSS. Wonderful.

Ben Marshall

Asim Khan, Sxxy Pinnings


You and your team have done an amazing job. This was exactly what I was looking for. Thank you so much.

Asim Khan
Sxxy Pinnings

Meg Gilliam, Soaring Eagle Resort


You guys are awesome! Seriously, the level of customer service you provide is fantastic!

Thanks so much!! =)

Meg Gilliam
Soaring Eagle Resort

Marcel Hühn, Germany


Your Magic Zoom Plus extension is ingenious! Very big thanks from Germany!

Marcel Hühn

Matt Doyle,

Truly unique

That is absolutely what we wanted to achieve! Thank you so much. Your willingness to help out a potential customer and your quick response to customer service inquires is truly unique these days, and is very much appreciated.

Matt Doyle

Matt Whiteman, Web X Media


Great product, great service! Thanks!

Matt Whiteman
Web X Media

Rob Sykes,

Great feature

Thanks - this plugin is a great feature to add to any VirtueMart store.

Rob Sykes

Deb Martin,

You rock

Thanks so much for helping me! You guys rock!

Deb Martin

Ryan Trammel,

Great service

Your customer service has been great. Thanks a lot.

Ryan Trammel

Vincent Plourde,

Really impressed

Magic Thumb is a great product! My client was really impressed with the results! Thanks.

Vincent Plourde

JT Laugesen,

Love the tools

Everyone I show your tools to loves them. Nice work!

JT Laugesen

Greg Herrington,

Supremely cool

You guys have done a kick ass job with Magic Touch. Supremely cool.

Greg Herrington


Well thought out

Just wanted to give you some positive feedback on Magic Zoom Plus and its ability to partially work even if customer has their javascript turned off. Many other similiar applications don't work at all when a customer has their javascript disabled. While your hover feature does not work with javascript inactivated, the click to enlarge image is still operational. I thought this was a nice feature. Thanks!


Tonie Lynn,

OMG!! Thank You

OMG! Wonderful product and great service. 🙂

Tonie Lynn

Gary McAvoy,


Excellent, thanks so much. As always, you guys do terrific work, and support.

Gary McAvoy

Todd Weller, Wild Bird House


I just wanted to to say thanks for an awesome product at a reasonable price. I downloaded your trail and was using in less than 5 minutes. A few minutes later I purchased it. The only word that comes to mind is awesome!

Todd Weller
Wild Bird House

Renee Palmer,

Best zoom tools

This is the best set of zoom tools I have worked with.

Thanks, you're doing a great job and your stuff is delicious 🙂

Renee Palmer

Richard Jones, DawnWeaver Ltd.

Breath of fresh air

After 28 years in IT it is really a breath of fresh air to me when I find such a wonderfully simple yet powerful utility like this one. Excellent customer support as well. Keep on keeping on.

Richard Jones
DawnWeaver Ltd.

David Harwood,


Thanks for your help - a superb extension - very pleased with it.

David Harwood

Christopher Roy,

Better than anything else

I love your product, it's the best option for detailed and zoom images I've ever found for x-cart. Your product is hands down better than anything else out there.

Christopher Roy

Lucian Taylor,

Great product

Thank you for being so responsive. Magic Thumb a great product - whilst there are a few free solutions that do a similar things, your slant on thumb enlargement makes it well worth paying for and your support has been excellent.

Lucian Taylor

Benno Wiesenberger,

Wonderful – thanks a million

Very fast response time to my request for help with an implementation for Magento extension Magic Zoom Plus. Within 2 days the code was written by developers of Magic Toolbox! Everything works fine - thanks a million to the support department! Wonderful!

Benno Wiesenberger

Phil & Sandy,


Awesome! Thank you very much - we're very impressed with you guys, thanks again.

Phil & Sandy

John Badger,

Simply the best

Your Magic Touch tool is simply the best tool I've seen so far for setting the zoom/pan for an image. You guys clearly understand good GUI design and implementation. Kudos!

John Badger

Mike Wunderlich, Pandesa Corp


Thanks, great tool. Works excellent and was very easy to implement.

Mike Wunderlich
Pandesa Corp

Matt Walters,


Fantastic easy to use product, worth every penny: thank you!

Matt Walters

Tommy Eriksen,


Thanks a lot for the extraordinary help. You have extremely good service along with a fantastic product and you can quote me on that 🙂

Tommy Eriksen

Max Seim, Gilboa Museum, New York

Blown away

The museum visitors are "blown-away" by Magic Magnify!

Max Seim
Gilboa Museum, New York


Superb tech support

I had a couple of issues with Magic Thumb on my ecommerce site. These were dealt with promptly and efficiently by the superb technical support team and I'm pleased to say that my site now looks more professional thanks to a great product.


John Yoo,

A cinch

Just bought the full version. Install was a cinch and it's working great. Thanks and keep up the good work!

John Yoo

Bob Charest,


Thanks ever so much for your prompt and helpful support. You've been outstanding and it makes me feel really good about my purchase 🙂

Bob Charest

Adi Nesher,

Love the products

I love the products. Thank you so much for the time you put in the program to work as well as it is.

Adi Nesher

Stuart Smith,

Fantastic service

This exactly what I was looking for. I'd also like to comment on the fantastic service and prompt replies I've received from yourself and your company; it's a real breath of fresh air to deal with a company so dedicated to customer service.

Well done Magic Toolbox keep up the good work.

Stuart Smith

Chris Berkeley,

Very impresive stuff

Very impresive stuff. Very well done. Thanks.

Chris Berkeley


Clients will love this

Gotta tell you, you are great!!! Congratulations. Lot of clients will love this!!!


Nitesh Patel,

Love this tool

I love this tool... its easy to use and implement...

Nitesh Patel

Tim van Steenbergen,

Very happy

Thanks for this great product. I installed and started using it a week ago and am very happy with it.

Tim van Steenbergen

Aaron Seaton, Envirotech


Love, love, love your product... Flawless.

Aaron Seaton

Tim Francis,

Great product

Thanks very much. Great product and superb support 🙂

Tim Francis

Kgama Boikanyo,

Fantastic tool

Thank you very much! We're using this fantastic tool on our website.

Kgama Boikanyo

Nina Gregorev,

Great product

Magic Thumb is indeed a great product. Thanks a lot for the prompt response.

Nina Gregorev

Danny Mensah,

World class

Thank you very much. You guys have world class support and I appreciate all your help!

Danny Mensah

Justin Hampton,

Perfect for artwork

Just wanted to let you know what great praise about the Magic Zoom we have received from our site members. Magic Zoom saves me so much time instead of uploading thumbnails and really adds a tremendous value to the site that other products just can't compete with.

Thanks again!

Justin Hampton

Imtiaz Jamil,

Truly great

Thank you very much for providing exceptional service above and beyond the call of duty. You guys truly are great.

Thanks once again! Brilliant.

Imtiaz Jamil

Sheila Laughlin,

You rock

Thanks a million! You rock!

Sheila Laughlin

Simon Mo,

Excellent service

Ohhhhh, thanks so much!! Great! You have excellent customer service!

Simon Mo

Rik Jones,

Big thanks

I just wanted to say a big thanks. Your help really is appreciated and I will be recommending your site to others. Customer service like this is getting rarer and rarer these days!

Rik Jones

Jason Silva,

Great module

Bingo 🙂 Thanks for all the help. Great module and great service.

Jason Silva

Ralf Bernert,

You guys rock

Excellent job.. you guys rock!! It works exactly the way I want it [Magic Zoom Plus].

Ralf Bernert

Robby Susanto,

Happy Customer

I really appreciate with your good and fast response when I requested the new feature for Magento Multi Store. Now I can manage my different configuration for all my Magento stores.

I am your Happy Customer right now!!

Robby Susanto

Jason Clark,

Easiest implementation

Thanks for a great tool in Magic Magnify! I have just implemented it on our new site. It was one of the easiest implementations I have come across. We are already getting positive feedback from customers! Thanks!

Jason Clark

Sheila Laughlin,

Love your product

I truly appreciate your prompt responses and help. I love your product!

Sheila Laughlin

Jim Weinberg,

Great tools

Many thanks. You have some great tools, keep up the good work.

Jim Weinberg

April Miles,


Thanks for your fast support - you are fantastic!

April Miles

Chris Garland,

Client loves it

Great product - my client loves it. Thanks!

Chris Garland

Debora Slee,

Great program

Many thanks! It's a great program, and just perfect for our use.

Debora Slee

Thomas Hanes,


Magic Magnify is perfect. I love the program!

Thomas Hanes

Francis Tapon,


Thank you for your outstanding support!

Francis Tapon

Holger Pies,

Very happy

Thanks a lot for your help with Magic Zoom! I am very happy!

Holger Pies

Jamie Bates,


We bought a license of the software last night. It was so simple to install. I am going to recommend your product to my friends in the e-Commerce industry.

Thank you for a wonderful and easy to use product.

Jamie Bates

Ken Nagel,

A truly magical product

Magic Zoom lives up to its name. For our type of product it is the perfect compliment.

Thank you for all of your help and hard work on this truly magical product.

Ken Nagel



Thanks to you for this great code which help me so much! Your tool is really magic 🙂




Sorry to be so blunt but Magic Zoom is bloody fantastic!


Kyla Grinsteiner,


YAY!!!!! Thanks for the GREAT support and for your product. PERFECT!!!!

Kyla Grinsteiner

Hervé Suquet, AVHS

Big pleasure

I've integrated both Magic Zoom & Magic Thumb in one page. Integrating both modules and playing a bit with the options is straight forward. Your integration description on your site is very well described. Thank you so much.

For Magic Thumb, the options in the module component itself (in Joomla) is really great and easy.

Big pleasure for me.

Hervé Suquet

Barry Smith,


Magic Zoom is a marvelous product, I will most definitely be using this. Thanks.

Barry Smith


Love your zoom

I love your zoom solution for websites - it's exactly what I'm looking for.


Jeremy Rakowski,

Enjoying your product

Thanks, I really am enjoying working with your product.

Jeremy Rakowski

Kris, Direct Exchange Home

Love your product

Absolutely love your product! Thank you so much for creating this!!!!

Direct Exchange Home

Kyle Hinton,

Awesome tool

I just purchased Magic Magnify. Really awesome tool. Thanks

Kyle Hinton

Peter Fosdike,


Thanks for all your help, your support is excellent!

Peter Fosdike

Ed Mass,

Wonderful software

Thanks very much. Magic Zoom is working GREAT, FANTASTIC. Thank you very much for creating this wonderful software and being so cooperative in making it work with my specific image needs. I very much appreciate it.

Ed Mass

Iain Gutteridge,


I've added Magic Zoom to one of my sites. I think it's fantastic - looks stunning and easily the best implementation of a script I've seen - so easy to add to your site.

Iain Gutteridge

Ian Foster,

Great product

In under 2 minutes I had Magic Thumb up and running on the front page. Great product guys.

Ian Foster

Mary Cruse,

Thank you VERY much

Thank you very much for your help. I really appreciate your prompt responses. We are working with another company for a different object that we use on our web site and it is like pulling teeth to get help from them and their typical answer is "upgrade"; which we do about once a week for them. It is really nice to work with a company like your that actually responds in a timely manner. I wish more companies were like yours. Again thank you VERY much.

Mary Cruse

David Baker,


Thanks for such a great tool.

David Baker

Porter Dodge,

Great product

Thanks for getting back so soon, and thanks for offering a great product at a reasonable price.

Porter Dodge

Valerie Price, UNC Publications Services


Thank you so much. Your company's technical support and customer service are wonderful!

Valerie Price
UNC Publications Services

Don Scott,

Fantastic product

This is a great product. Does what it should and looks great on my site. The guys here are very helpful and respond fast to customers with problems. Thanks guys for all your help and putting out such a fantastic product. Keep up the excellent work.

Don Scott

Anneli Kuukka,

Great experience

Many thanks for your help - a great customer service experience!

Anneli Kuukka

Laura Lowe,

Love the look

The client LOVES the way it looks, so we're all set. Thanks for your quick support.

Laura Lowe

Riccardo Fiorentino,

Really a nice effect

I am really impressed with the Magic Zoom tool and the interface improvement it makes in our online shopping experience.

Riccardo Fiorentino


Excellent module

Thank you very much! This module works wonderfully.


Philip Dalton,

Looks perfection

I have Magic Zoom worked out exactly how I want it and it looks perfection and just what I want. I'll write a testimonal with my site url when my site goes live praising the great tool. Thanks again for inventing it, will hopefully impress my site visitors somewhat. Cheers, Phil

Philip Dalton

Brian Stein,

We like Magic Thumb

Thank you very much! I will definitely be using your product in future websites!

Brian Stein

Gareth Maclean,

Love your products

Thanks for the great plugin. It's a must have for any cart system.

Gareth Maclean


Great tool

I've integrated the Magic Zoom trial version into a shop script pro shopping cart. It was very easy when I stopped to think about it. Thanks for a great tool.


Alex Knezevic,

Wonderful products

Thanks for creating such wonderful products. I'm a big fan.

Alex Knezevic

Kathryn Blackwell,

Great effect

Magic Thumb is so easy to use, yet such a great effect. I want to find more places to use it now!

Kathryn Blackwell

Lois Martin,

It rocks!

May I just say Magic Zoom rocks! I'm so delighted I found it and I've got it up and running on my site no problem, despite not being even remotely techie!

Lois Martin

Alex Derrick,

I love your product

It’s working great! Thank you so much. I love your product, your patience, and technical support.

Alex Derrick

Danny DeCillis,

Great tool

For the record, this is a great tool and we really appreciate your making it available to non-profits such as ourselves. Thanks!

Danny DeCillis

Prasad Pola,

Great product

The product worked out great for us. We were able to integrate in literally minutes on our website.

Prasad Pola

Ted Schneck,

Truly impressive

You guys seem absolutely wonderful. And your products are truly impressive.

Ted Schneck

Ed Mass,

Incredibly useful

Thanks very much for creating these incredibly useful tools.

Ed Mass

Paul Lips,

I love your tools

We are setting up a retail childrenswear site here (New York). We were attracted by the very professional and sophisticated look of your tools. I think they are a great alternative for (and competitive to) tools from Adobe Scene7.

Paul Lips


Awesome software

Thank you for your awesome software. Just installed Magic Thumb.



Lovely script

I think the little 'loading' type graphic is an excellent addition to what is already a lovely script.




That works like a dream, thank you very much, excellent customer service.


David Mounce,

Pleasingly magical

Thank you very much for the Magic Thumb non-commercial licence.

I got my first chance to try it out on my little diary and website today and found it to do exactly what it says on the tin. It took perhaps 5 minutes total to implement, though I've yet to try any customisation.

One step at a time, just like Life, I guess.

David Mounce

Edi Gora,

Good job

Thank you very much Magic Toolbox. Good job with Magic Zoom, we really appreciate it in our (under construction) online shop.

Edi Gora

Adam Hoare,

Works a treat

Fantastic control by the way! Love Magic Zoom and will probably buy it for SweatyBetty as well soon and possibly another client!

Adam Hoare

Yu Hong,

Many many thanks!

I am so grateful for your kind help!! I am so happy with Magic Zoom 🙂

Yu Hong

Louise Harvey,

Thank you!

It's a wonderful thing, that Magic Zoom 🙂

Louise Harvey

Jérémie Anzévui,


Excellent, you are really very responsive and your product is really completed.

Thank you still.

Jérémie Anzévui


Very happy

I'm extremely impressed by the prompt attention my query was given and how the advise given has satisfactorily resolved my question. I am very happy with your software, I now understand how it works and it works perfectly.

Please keep up the good work, you guys are doing a superb job, I wish you all the best.


David Russell,

Great software and great support!!!

As a website design company we are always looking for software to enhance our clients' websites. The products at are just what we've been looking for to integrate with our shopping cart system. The products come at a great price and the support is exceptional. We needed help getting the software installed within our shopping cart system and Magic Toolbox was more than happy to help and quick to respond.

I would highly recommend Magic Toolbox to all who need quality products along with fast, personal, and responsive service.

David Russell

Alessandro Cafagna,


Just one word: Fantastic!

Alessandro Cafagna


Thanks for a great product!

I am very happy with the ease of implementation of Magic Zoom and its impact on our site was well worth the price. Maybe one day I'll spend the big bucks on an image server, but until then, Magic Zoom is most effective way I've seen to get image zoom on a site.


Amy Vizio,

Awesome zoom!

This is awesome! I used MagicZoom on my clients website and they totally love it! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Amy Vizio



Great stylish effect with LuckyZoom. Makes the site go pro.



Slick and simple

This module is a great way to add a level of professionality to a site. I added it to a high-fashion designer's catalog and it lent itself to the level of high-end design. Set up is quick and the results make the client all warm and fuzzy about their website's appearance. Thanks programmers! Great job!


Ivan Jackson,

Compliments from everyone

Just wanted to say thanks. Got the magnifier working in just a few minutes, just like you said. I've had compliments from everyone I've shown it to.

Ivan Jackson


Very very nice tool

This tool makes a Virtuemart online shop look so much more professional.

Downloaded, installed, turned on and tested and it worked all in about 5 minutes! Then I configured the images and background to suit my site. Easy!

Often the best things are simple. This tool is so simple to install and use and the effect is brilliant.

I will be using this tool on every Virtuemart site I create in future! Nice work, well done!



Fantastic Addition to Any Site!

This module is a must have for anyone that wants to spice up their VirtueMart site! The team at LuckyZoom is amazingly accommodating and worked with me to customize LuckyZoom for my modified browse pages. Thank you for all of your help and this great module! The freeware version is fantastic but at the low price for the unbranded version this module is still an incredible deal.



Extremely impressed

I had nothing but the best experience with Magic Toolbox. I was extremely impressed with their cutting edge technology and their phenomenal customer service. I was searching for the best way to display my detail-oriented products and Magic Zoom was the answer! I recommend this to anyone that is looking to take their online business to the next level.



Amazing addition to Virtuemart!

Downloaded the shareware specific to VM and then decided it looked so nice I paid for the full license. This makes VM look sexy! It was easy to install, easy to configure and I recommend this totally! Diane



Very Good

Excellent, I had some installation problems - contacted the developer and they got back to me in seconds. Adds a nice dimension to my web site




Installed LuckyPhoto within 2 minutes and worked brilliantly 1st time. Very neat bit of work and added another dimension to our website.



Lucky Rocks!

LuckyTeam has alot of potential. Trying their products were no nonsense and easy to install. Especially the other Zoom that integrates with VirtueMart.

We want more goodies!


Kevin Chambers,

This is very cool!

LuckyZoom is very cool and works perfectly. The Lucky team is very responsive to any questions and requests that I have. I can't wait for them to modularize their photo and view products for Joomla!

Kevin Chambers