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Magic Toolboxnewsletter

Edition #1
August, 26 2011

Hey folks,

Welcome to the first edition of your fresh monthly newsletter. Relaunched to bring you a regular dose of image inspiration.

Each month, we'll update you on the latest product news + exclusive offers + tips to get the best out of our tools. On top of that, the "Site of the month" will help you learn best practice from top websites using our tools.


Jake, Co-Founder

Scroll with it...

Magic ScrollIt's tough to show lots or products on a page without it getting cluttered or ugly.

That's why we built Magic Scroll™. This nifty tool will slide any number of images across the page.

It's perfect for showcasing new products, related products or "people who bought this also bought".

Tip: How to show lots of products in a small space: Magic Scroll™ examples

Site of the month

Elizabeth Lyons DesignsBeautiful photography is often the crucial factor in making sales online. Particularly for jewellery.

So we took off our hats to Elizabeth Lyons when we saw the gorgeous photos of her handmade jewellery, zoomable in crisp detail with Magic Zoom Plus™.

Elizabeth told us: "Since I installed Magic Zoom Plus, customers have raved about the ease with which they can see the details of my jewelry."

Elizabeth Lyons Designs

Take a look at some of her products to see how imaginative, high-resolution photos can make a product irresistible. Photography by David Lyons.

Tip: show products on their own and in use: Great product photography

Magic Zoom™ 4.0 coming soon

The world's best zoom tool is getting even better. Here is a taste of what is to come in September:

  • Full iPad support
  • Hint messages
  • Shadow effects
  • 11 new parameters

We are pleased to offer free upgrades to everyone who purchased in the last 3 months, plus everyone who buys in the next 2 weeks. Everyone who bought before then gets a 50% discount to upgrade.

Tip: Buy a Magic Zoom™ license, get a free upgrade: Get Magic Zoom™

Next month...

Look out for a special discount in next month's edition!

Nominate your website for Site of the month. Email us your URL and tell us why your use of our tools rocks.

Ta ta for now,

Magic Toolbox


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