Announcement from Magic Toolbox

Goodbye, Flash..

Magic Magnify™

We're excited to announce the magnify feature of Magic Magnify™ has been integrated into Magic Zoom™. Magic Zoom™ now offers: external zoom, internal zoom and magnify effects.

This means Magic Magnify™ has been discontinued. Don't worry, you're license is still valid but there will be no future updates to this tool.

To upgrade from Magic Magnify™ to Magic Zoom™, send us your License Key and we will arrange this for you.

Top features of Magic Zoom™ include:

  • Responsive design - images automatically scale up/down to fit users screen.
  • Works on iPhone, iPad and Android devices as well as every major browser.
  • API methods to show/hide zoom window: zoomIn and zoomOut.
  • Permit dragging on touch-screens by using click-to-activate.
  • Plus much more!

Check the Magic Zoom™ product page for more information including: examples, customization code and settings wizard!